New Finding Justice

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We’ve all seen the events on the news.

Stories of unimaginable tragedies and disasters happening to unsuspecting victims all across the country.

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But what happens after these accidents?

Cover-ups. Devastation. Heartbreak.

It’s the story that most people don’t hear about.

Too often, big companies don’t do the right thing. Wrongdoers escape responsibility. Nothing changes to prevent future catastrophes.

Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin didn’t think this was acceptable.

In this powerful documentary, we take a behind-the-scenes look at how Kurt and Jason aggressively fight for their clients. How Arnold & Itkin takes on some of the country’s biggest corporations—those responsible for some of the most catastrophic disasters—and wins. #FindingJustice

Arnold & Itkin LLP
6009 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77007


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