New First time buyer 10% deposit – UK Mortgage products with low deposit

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The latest First time buyer 10% deposit mortgages are discussed in this video by Mr Payam Azadi. This sector of the first time buyer market is dynamic to say the least with Mortgage Lenders chopping and changing on a daily basis to protect their service levels as demand for 10% deposit mortgages is very strong following lock-down. So if you are a first time buyer with a low deposit be sure to check this video out!


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Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Some Buy to let and commercial mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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The content of this Video does NOT constitute giving advice it is purely designed for general information purposes only. The qualification for a mortgage will depend on your own individual circumstances and your case should be fully discussed with a Professional Mortgage Broker before you apply.


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  1. Could you update this video in light of the 95 percent mortgage announcement

  2. Hi does it matter what type of job I have or about my yearly income as long as I have the 10% deposit for the house, would I still be able to get the mortgage ?

  3. Hello, i am a first time buyer looking to save for a 10% deposit.
    Is there any short cuts in the way i can get the deposit? I.e a loan from a seperate company or any other way. I earn 45k a year but the problem is getting a deposit together.


  4. I think it's crazy that you're seeing rates of over 3% with such a record low base rate!

    Instead of pulling 90%+ LTV products, or reducing maximum terms, it would be far more mutually beneficial if they just raised the bar on WHO they would lend to. Tougher affordability checks, higher minimum earnings etc… I'm looking to but my first personal residence next year and the lack of decent products is really putting me off.

  5. Hi love your videos. They're really helpful.
    I’d like to get some advise please
    I am a first time buyer, i am interested in a property that is £190,000 with a 10% deposit of £19,000.
    I have £14,500 in my current account savings and £6000 cash from a car that I sold recently to help me with the deposit.
    Does my deposit need to be coming from my wages only and savings over time or will I be able to use my car sale money towards my deposit? And
    What proof will I need to provide for this to the lender (nationwide)?

    Thank you so much!

  6. Your videos are really good, is it possible to get Residential mortgage for a property under 50k? What sort of deposit will a lender usually want for this?

  7. Hi there – thanks for the tips – great video! New subscriber here. Can I ask – when deciding on what mortgages are the best options for first time buyers, what are the different factors that drive your decision? For example is it the deposit or interest rates etc? Also which banks do you think are best for first time buyers and why?

  8. Do you answer general queries? Not ready to make the change yet but have questions regarding changing a residential mortgage into a property to let for a family member. Can this be done?

  9. Hey. London help to buy with just 5% deposit are lenders offering mortgage on those?

  10. I own a property overseas and I was looking to buy with 10% deposit. Do you think it’s possible? About the stamp duty will i be considered as “moving” home ? Many thanks for your video it was very insightful.

  11. Hi dear
    What you think about help to buy from gov
    Could you let us know please if you can.

  12. Government made the Stamp duty relief but the agent and sellers hiked their property prices. I lost a property which bank agreed for 90% Mortgage now they dint have the product.

    three weeks before HSBC pulled 90% and on the weekend news banks want to restrict to 80% Mortgage.

    Even I am a first time buyer struggling to get into the property ladder, Government stamp duty relief didn't help for low deposit buyers. lets see ..hmmmm

  13. Really good information! Really well delivered! I think house prices will fall, I think it’s inevitable, and that makes the high LTV mortgages risky for lenders… I don’t think I would lend a 95% LTV mortgage to a buyer in the current market, especially if it was for a flat

  14. Tell me about it, rate difference is mind blowing; 4.5% for 80% and 3% for 75% for BTL within an LLC, definitely worth putting in that additional 5%

  15. Mad how things are changing. I took a gamble with 95% LTV years back and I know how difficult it was for me to raise just 5%! plus solicitor fees, let's not forget the survey etc. Now they are looking for 15%?!. More and more people are and will keep getting priced out of the property market. Great video mate, keep it coming.

  16. Great video again, just a quick one, waiting to be working at my job for 6 months, already a month in, for me to apply for my first residential, do you think this is going to be a good time to but in terms of lending and also house prices

  17. Hi, 6 months ago Halifax put inconsistence salary on national Hunter without verifying my wages. Can i still get mortgage

  18. I was on target to buy a house by September with a 10% deposit. Now i have to wait abit longer and save some more to get me to 15% which is not ideal as I was super keen to get my own place. Great to learn about what mortgage lenders are currently doing with regards to income multiples in determining how much you can borrow.

  19. Awesome content, hope your subscriber base keeps growing, giving critical information in these uncertain times.
    Love your work!