New Five Second Passports with No Donation

If the idea of donating money for a Caribbean citizenship doesn’t appeal to you, there are a few second passport programs that don’t require a donation or even a hands-on real estate investment.

2:17 St. Lucia
3:21 Turkey
5:01 Egypt
6:04 Jordan
6:38 Latvia

Andrew Henderson and the Nomad Capitalist team are the world’s most sought-after experts on legal offshore tax strategies, investment immigration, and global citizenship. We work exclusively with seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to “go where they’re treated best”.

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Andrew has started offshore companies, opened dozens of offshore bank accounts, obtained multiple second passports, and purchased real estate on four continents. He has spent the last 12 years studying and personally implementing the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle.

Our growing team of researchers, strategies, and implementers add to our ever-growing knowledge base of the best options available. In addition, we’ve spent years studying the behavior of hundreds of clients in order to help people get the results they want faster and with less effort.

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  1. Frank From Upstate NY

    Andrew hello. An American of "tiny means" with…lets say $150k-200K tiny savings.
    What can a hard working blue-collar worker do…move out of the US….keep working in like a "trucking job" or other blue collar work; survive and thrive sir?

    I'm thinking Spain or Croatia….seems to me, there may be jobs that exist that allow for one to live either as a renter/small home buyer, etc. Am I right?

  2. The best deals? Did I see a Donald Trump for a split second?

  3. Sanjeev Kalia

    I request you Please explain about Ecuador, Uruguay

  4. Alex in The Middle

    Here's a random reason to want a Jordanian passport…. apparently no homeless there!

  5. Rose fitness

    Always good the hear Andrew for inspiration.

  6. Christine David

    Latvia: tax consequences of income? What about Retirement money ported over? How must it be diversified?

  7. Christine David

    What is offered in Israel? Anything?

  8. Andrew is a St Lucia citizen.
    Latvia only req a bank deposit and live there

  9. Hussien Jaafar

    1_ Where can we go with a turkish passport? North of syria and Iraq and Azerbaijan.
    2_ Also we all know turkish banks declare bankruptcy and don't return our money.
    3_ turkey asks foreigners money in dollars and at the time of returning money they give you turkish lira which is day to day depreciate .
    Thanks for your good work but exclude turkey.


  11. Welcome back to Asia!

  12. Simon Assouline

    This Blog is a Total Joke! Invest and lose, why would anyone invest camel donkey countries!

  13. I like this content, but man can this guy say everything except the punchline for 99% of the vid

  14. I really wonder who would want such citizenships though..

  15. Avinash Selvaraj

    00:42 what's that song?

  16. Will these countries let you take a low-interest secured loan against your deposit that you can invest outside the country?

  17. Just unrealistic, who has half a mill just sitting around to buy their way in. 🙄 The content seems to be for the wealthy. Perhaps sharing info for ppl of all financial circumstances would help

  18. My favorite part: 3:40 – "We find incredible deals. The best deals…"

  19. Egypt and Jordan? Really?!?!

  20. Egypt and Jordan? Really?!?!

  21. global citizenship = CORPORATE NWO agenda. EVERYONE is already a citizen of planet earth aka The World, The Globe . peace.. We are One Human Family. The Law of One.

  22. About Creativity

    Very good, gave 👍's up and subscribed.

  23. Mauricio Vasconcellos

    On citizenship by real estate like St Lucia, can you put an ELOC against the property?

  24. Rick Fidelis Reed

    ¿ 5 seconds ?

  25. I already have two passports, one in the EU, and working on a third one in Asia

  26. Who DOESN'T have a hankering for some Jordanian debt?


    Just an FYI – Believe me when I tell you, (or your Viewers) that you are NOT going anywhere with a passport from either Egypt, Jordan or Turkey. The passport of these countries do not "Open" any useful doors for you high worth viewers.

    Turkey: Turkey is buckling under extreme economic strains due to the Sanctions placed on it by the US & EU. They are being starved out of US Dollar currency reserves and have no other choice but to open up their country to foreign investors or currency depositors. Like Lebanon – there is NOTHING in their laws that can prevent the government from "Freezing" bank deposits or unilaterally enacting laws to stop " Currency Flight" out of the country if their government feels the pinch – And there goes your $500K and did I mention the on average 10% yearly inflation

    Jordan: The passport of this country I can assure you will warrant a "Secondary Security Checks" in every EU or North American countries. Forget having the good fortune of "Open Doors" – you are going to see doors slammed in your face if you travel using this Passport. Many Jordanians (Not all) themselves are trying to leave for a better life. The USA has better options at $500K investment in an underserved area and $1000K in a metro area to get the US Green card with a path to citizenship. Jordan must be delusional if they think get can get people to bring $1.5 million as a collateral for their passport.

    Egypt: Pretty much suffers from the Arab beaucracy – Painfully slow government, and not enough infrastructure for growth. The Egyptian passport does not even allow you to go to Dubai visa free. I mean, Egypt is nice as long as your are a tourist for a few months – after that you will want to go to UAE for some R&R

    This is just my opinion based on my experience with these countries… Others may see it differently

  28. I don't mind a bank account drawing some decent interest.. donation sounds like they are selling it.

  29. decent xpats wanting a break for a bit can stay in our home for free but they have to deal with our Malay neighbours.. weapons and guns are needed

  30. I love listening about “Nomad Capitalist “ on your opinion. It’s interesting!
    (from Los Angeles, CA, USA)

  31. What about the real people

  32. I don’t know why but the Trump impression always slays me 😂


  34. St. Lucia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Latvia

  35. 3:41, you sound exactly like trump 'the best deals'

  36. absoluttchamp

    Sounds to me it is better to hang myself 🤣

  37. Countryside Living With Tracee Leigh

    what can individuals on social security do with the little income they get? Asking for a friend. living in the USA is too expensive for these folks and going abroad would be more affordable. YES?

  38. Kenneth Flood

    can a person who is a natural born USA citizen whose deceased father was born in the Phillipines in 1909 then came to USA in 1930, and became a USA citizen, get a second passport or dual citizenship?

  39. الودود الودود

    Hi i have 50000 $ and i want to relocate in any country and i don't want to loose the money in donation which country has the easiest process

  40. Andrew's "Trump" impersonations crack me up… and are very good. :)))

  41. Great content!

  42. James TOBOTS

    Bookmarked your website, might have a chat with yourself in the future.
    I count myself to be really lucky, with Brexit taking place and the not knowing how expats in Europe are going to be treated etc I'm from N.Ireland, so i can pick up a British and Irish passport, The Irish one clearly allows us to remain in Europe with zero problems. Some countries within Europe like you to apply for residents permits if your stay is over a certain time period. Their not enforcing it though. Vietnam is on my business list of countries, they seem to be making it easy enough to work and live there with a green card of such fro 5 years which allows you to come and go without question. Lots of people just arrive on a 3 month tourist visa and then bounce over to Thailand for a week and renew the Vietnamese visa online. I've been looking at Ukraine, super cheap real estate to be had but i currently know zero about foreigners picking them up. Italy {North} is another place for fantastic properties. Which i have looked into, Italy appear to have building regulations in place that would drive a man to drink. There is however properties you can obtain which don't require any building work and they're at the right money. I usually find though there's a little piece of regulation {small print} that can be missed and then problems arise. The day this world just opens up to all… well that would be the day ; }

  43. Clay Suddath

    Isn't the term, "Nomad Capitalist" an oxymoron? Why else would people say, "Follow the money" ?! After low investment and high profits, they often have to make a dash for the door !😄

  44. Bill Burrows

    Egypt? For what? Jordan? Are you kidding?

  45. Bill Burrows

    I wish I was creative enough to dream up an idea of why anyone smart or talented enough to have $500K to piss away would have anything to do with a place like Turkey.

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