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There are so many things that run through my mind now. Was it a set-up? Inside Job? but the fact remains that a civil servant of the Philippines is now dead at the hands of another. There are no words to describe how disheartening this is to me as a foreigner and an advocator of travel to the Philippines, specifically Davao City…

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Gipusil-patay sa wala mailhing armado si Atty. Sitti Gilda Mahinay-Sapie ug ang iyang bana atubangan sa ilang balay sa Solariega Subdivision, barangay Talomo, Davao City kagahapon sa hapon. Nakuhaan og video sa CCTV anf panghitabo, diin unang gipusil anf abogada ug taud-taud gisunod og pusil ang bana nga nag-gakos pa sa iyang asawa. Gidudahang sniper ang mitira sa mag-asawa kay sa kadaghan sa tawo walay nakakita sa nagpusil.


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  1. Money money money mooney, Money. Will this become the common practice now or a one off and back to two on a motorcycle? Some innocent Flipino will go down for this but it my question is, who blessed it?


    I live in USA and there's killing everyweek in my town.

  3. margarito zapanta

    Plan your videos and execute sharply, quit all the chit chat and go straight to the point. We get it already

  4. dds warriors

    If you leave in the Philippines then you a body guard there is something wrong???

  5. "MUST READ"
    1..the reason the lawyer and her husband was assasinated is because the couple has a radio/streaming channel that is openly discriminating the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the subdivision where they lived.
    2.The couple has been exposing the corruption of the Board of directors in their subdivision. The people living in that Subdivision are all rich people.
    3. The couple exposed the corruption and the home owners living in there followed their lead and stopped paying monthly dues. Because they want to paralize the funds that the board directors are corrupting.
    4. It is said that the board of directors of Solariega Subdivision is MILKING the rich people living in there via monthly dues and fees.
    5. The board of directors didnt even provide a liquidation or any information where the money from monthly dues and fees went. The couple being assasinated on their own home is not a surprise becase the board of directors has full control of that subdivision!!!
    6. We are talking about millions of money involved.

  6. Reminder…..
    When you come to The Philippines, stay out of Politics or conversation about Politics. 💯

  7. The security guard in the blue shirt was probably involved. He never took her to cover to protect her from further harm and he allowed the husband to come to her aid which resulted in his death. The security guard's duty was to immediately provided protection and aid, not look for the assailant.

  8. NineSeven 420 Empire

    This happens in the US. 5K or less, around where I live. Life is cheep in to many peoples eyes. No place is safe.

  9. That lawyer was brave enough to fight rich people, but unfortunately she got assassinated.

  10. Smh. May need an update video on safest cities to live/stay long term in the Philippines. Appreciate you reporting this bro.

  11. That was a professional hit

  12. Davao was never safe. It was all propaganda.

  13. I was born and raise in Davao City, I can call it safe. You can walk in nights while holding a phone. The victims are lawyers who works cases about land disputes, its like someone wants them to be killed.

  14. That was a professional hit 🎯 bro, they or her did something in her line of work, there are plenty dirty lawyers right here, I had a lawyer do me wrong and I wanted to do him, frfr🙏🏽💪🏽😎

  15. WOW 😯 no good that’s sad. The 🇵🇭 is no joke. It’s always had that dark side of assassins. It’s best to be careful and try and be safe. Thanks for sharing my brother Doc ✌🏾.

  16. Usually, it is a motorbike shooting but a sniper is something that only few have the skills to do well.

  17. Man… That's some fk'd up stuff. My heart goes out to the family. Dangerous times all over. 🙁

  18. ADM Crazy Reviews

    Our plan was to move to Davao. I think maybe we may have to rethink that.

  19. Geoff Langley

    You never see these people with a shovel in their hand . Born Lazy .

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