New FULL INTERVIEW: Attorneys Steve Schleicher and Jerry Blackwell discuss Derek Chauvin trial, verdict

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KARE 11’s Lou Raguse sat down with attorneys Steve Schleicher and Jerry Blackwell, who were members of the prosecution team in the Derek Chauvin trial.

Here are the latest case updates for former Minneapolis police officers Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Tou Thao and Thomas Lane, charged in the death of George Floyd:

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  1. What about the female and the other gentleman? They also performed well. I noticed the female wasn’t w the AG when he did the press release. Could she already be preparing for the other 3 defendants in this case? They were all great!

  2. I truly don’t think people grasp how powerful and legendary this is. This trial is monumental and significant. I’ve watched every second of it, since day one.

    I’m 26. When the agonizing and horrific beating of Rodney King occurred, resulting in the LA Riots, I wasn’t born yet. I was too young to remember the OJ Simpson trial. But with this particular trial — I’m old enough to remember every detail, be invested, and remain engaged. This is my first “big case”, for lack of a better term. This is the first time I’ve followed a trial so closely. This will definitely be a part of history, and this will be something that will be discussed as our children and grandchildren grow up.

    The prosecution did a phenomenal job, and I’m so proud of them. Their sacrifices, effort, sleepless nights, time spent away from their children and families, and diligent preparation, did not go unnoticed.

  3. Oh no, give him a life sentence, he took George Floyd’s life.

  4. Don't pay yourself on the back too hard . It's pretty easy to win a case when the jury is scared shitless knowing eventually their names are going public in the media grinder . Chauvin is a scumbag , but there's no way that was a fair trial . The deck was stacked so high against this guy , Vegas would've been crying . I don't think he'll get verdicts over turned but , I doubt he do the full time he gets. There's no way his lawyers won't be able to raise a case on appeal for miss trial, even the judge agreed on record .

  5. One thing beyond the lawyering their tone of voice though not loud but was commanding voice of morality and humanity ,In other words it was less performative and that is doing business for the people

  6. I thought Mr. Blackwell was gong to mention the 10 year old witness who, after seeing Chauvin remove his mask in court, recoiled in fear. That had to resonate with the jurors.

  7. This was a very good interview and very good, interesting questions. Congrats.

  8. Excellent job prosecuting that piece of trash. I love the case they presented. Now let's see what the sentence will be…hopefully not another Jason Van Dyke mess…

  9. The sound of their voices makes me think I’m in trial again!!!! I watched every bit of it!!!

  10. If you are reading this… Mr. Jerry and Mr. Steve you all are a hell of a team!!! Y’all could not be touched!

  11. Are there any plans to repair the audio and adjust the volume levels for this important historical document? Thanks

  12. Compare these guys to Chauvin's lawyer. Just by appearance you can tell they aren't corrupt frauds. How many times did Chauvin's lawyer repeat "reasonable police officer" like damn let Donald Trump defend him at least make it entertaining.

  13. These guys did a sub par job presenting their case especially to the legal requirement of reas9nable doubt. From a legal standpoint they failed to prove this case.

  14. Both are brilliant Attorney's and their wording and focus was on point ! I really feel they knew what needed to happen in this case and worked as a team for George Floyd , TY for being so articulate and forthright and stood up and for the truth and the facts 👍👍

  15. congratulations from here in the uk guys you did a great job i watched the case on court tv you did a great job and got justice for Georges family officers of the law need to behave like officers of the law