New George P. Bush announces run for Texas Attorney General

George P. Bush, the son of former presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, announced his plan Wednesday evening to run for Attorney General in Texas.

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  1. Ross Rainwater

    AMERICA must NEVER EVER put another War Mongering Bush back in Politics ! Bloody Austin, almost filled with daft Californians! Only Real Conservatives need apply !!

  2. Steve Hibbard

    I'm a republican, too bad the bush family are rino's.
    No way

  3. No chance . Trump supports current AG in Texas. Sorry America has enough war mongering bush family..

  4. Denver1976Man

    hell no. Bush killed millions over a lie. There was no weapons of mass destruction. Cheney made millions and millions on water alone. NO NO NO.. THEY ARE CORRUPT AS HELL

  5. Brad Raffensperger 2.0? The "establishment's" answer to strict voting laws! Wake up, Texas!

  6. One world order/ War pigs…. Not just no but HELL NO!

  7. Jesse Garcia

    No more bushes, period, lock them up, all criminals. They lie to get voted in. They are corrupt.
    The vengeance is the LORDS. JESUS CHRIST, is the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through me.
    (John 14:6)

  8. Craig Montgomery

    Power hungry family

  9. Mark Blackmore

    NEVER Forget January 6th! The Traitors who stormed our beautiful Capital and killed and injured our law enforcement should be executed!!

  10. The bush family presidency was a train wreck & I could only imagine how one as an attorney general is going to turn out Texas is allowing anything these days I see.

  11. Patricia Munsch

    Nobody needs another Bush

  12. Lightning Driver

    Oh, please, no! Not another of these nincompoops.

  13. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
    Free Sunday feast every Sunday at an ISKCON center near you.
    See you there!

  14. We don't want you. You won't win election.

  15. Robert r Barrera

    Just wondering, is this like

  16. Hell no Vote that Bush out No more Bush's in office!

  17. This pathetic Trump Humper

  18. George Kirby

    Lmao no thanks!
    Paxton is doing great job no more of the Bush crime family!

  19. The Bush Crime Family….Apples don't fall from the tree, they're kept in a basket for special occasions later on. RINO all the way….wake up people

  20. Yes go George.

  21. Stone Object

    oh hell no the bush clan has phuked up america almost as much as democrats. enough of the dynasty corruption deep state entitled insulated criminals making laws for commoners that they themselves are insulated from .

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