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  2. Tom Johnston

    First 4 minutes… so much truth bombs…

  3. This one of the BEST crypto channels on YouTube!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Ready Set Crypyo! =D

  4. One of the best channels concerning crypto.

  5. bottle picker crypto cover lol

  6. stanciu florin

    Great video like always , what is your opinion small undervalued coin for example ETN who have very good team , strong community and lots potential in future

  7. You are a NEO fanboy and it's blatantly obvious. I too hold NEO, but other coins mentioned deserve more explanation too.. You spent a large chunk of this video explaining and promoting NEO

  8. Can you give your thoughts on LEDU token? Do you think its best to buy I heard they have burning of tokens this July?

  9. I enjoy your teachings on crypto, blessings to you for sharing your knowledge with others,new to your channel,I olso know a lot about crypto, advise to all others I wish they listen to you,for what I know you are one of the top teachers in this space again thank you much.

  10. What's your opinion about Doge?

  11. Jimmy Slattery

    Thanks! Great video! Good basic common sense and a lot of information.

  12. Andrew Markowicz

    My new fave Youtuber!

  13. Andrew Markowicz

    great stuff, thanks for the education…LOVE IT.

  14. I see BitCoin as more similar to digital REAL ESTATE than digital gold. Think about it. Ownership of BitCoin (or fraction thereof), proves that you own a small piece of a highly coveted and scarce digital real estate on the blockchain. The blockchain and distributed ledger makes public that your wallet has a certain number of BitCoin. It's very similar to owning an address in real estate, based on supply/demand, either the real estate is HIGH or LOW. (NOT Financial Advice! Do you own homework!).

  15. Alan Pountney

    Best advice so far that I've heard.

  16. finally !! a good soul coupled with intelligence and common sense. thank you for you and your content.

  17. Crypto Mining

    Neo is the one

  18. Blasting Crypto

    You guys missed out ATH(Athenian Warrior Token on Cryptopia). Limited supply of 100 Coins!

  19. Manuel Savary

    Aerium (AERM) is a highly undervalued coin you guys should check out… I think it will moon rocket this year 💪🏻🚀

  20. miguel gonzalez

    you guys should have a billion subscribers!…… you guys are amazing!

  21. Best video I watch on crypto! Thanks for all the great content

  22. Koingo Boingo

    Yeah incredible content I just found one of my new favorite crypto Channel to follow thanks for the knowledge hopefully next time I reach into the crypto cookie jar I won't grab out another mouse trap ouch!

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