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  1. Suppose it’s possible, pls do me favor, I have to go to HongKong getting the evident to release my friend in China.
    He had been betrayed, slandered and jailed in China.

  2. shahin shahin

    Help me please

  3. a.f700 yahoo

    Money for food only

  4. A/c 2013873841 IFSC CODE SBIN0005889

  5. Saeed zahid Abbas

    I m from pakistan city sahiwal  My name is zergham 

    My parents are passed away 😭😭

    no home no food no job I have

    I don't know sir, mam,  in which situation I text you for helping me I want only 1500$

    From you this is very short amount for you sir/mam but in reality for me its a food of 3 months plz help me I m very needy help me plz I really feel very guilty to say this all my situation with you but what I do?  My last hope is your organization I hope u will never dissapoint me 

    Its my prefect money wallet I'd 

    Send funds on my account which is empty😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭




    Zergham ali

    Plz helppppppppppp
    Any body plz don't disappoint me

  6. Jayanti Organisation

    Help me

  7. Seema With cooking

    Help me pilez

  8. Ammara Tahir

    Helo i want fund for my weding plz tel doners to help me

  9. Nakato Lazia

    Am requesting for sponsorship for building a house for my kids please am a single mum please

  10. نعيمة نعيمة

    Hello, I am a widow from Morocco. I want financial help. I have accumulated debts. I need $ 500. Please help me

  11. Good work

  12. Arvind Sharma


  13. Link not working?

  14. World-Traveler Don Leske

    humm, no comments since April? Nicely done video but something is missing. 1,212 views and only this one comment. Could be too much fluff and not enough meat in the sandwich. 😉

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