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  1. Budhil-Vlogs&Talks

    Get FREE Rs100/- worth BITCOIN Instantly.
    Sign up on BITBNS within 5 mins
    Why BITBNS? The Best Features in Market.
    1) 10 min KYC.
    2) Free instant UPI deposit.
    3) Fastest trade speed. High volume
    4) 24×7 support.
    5) 100+ coins
    6) Earn interest on bitcoin, dogecoin ethereum
    7) trade with 4x leverage
    8) Get fixed interest on crypto
    9) start an SIP In bitcoin

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  24. Joydeep Paul

    You are my crypto market hero🙏

  25. Aniket Paluskar

    Havent seen your video, but your recent telegram voicenote was inspiring and good! Please ignore people who dont trust you!😃

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  27. Innovative Noob

    thumbnail to dekho kia baat🎉🔥

  28. Sir please wazirex coin par bhi video bano

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  30. Sudhakar Mamidala

    Cryptoinvesters should be united at this time. Heads of some countries are of outdated and unable to digest transformation in financial system. Cryptoinvesters are promoting non-currepted and transperant in the global financial system

  31. pallab mandal

    Vi market kab recover ho sakta hain

  32. Pankaj Gholap

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  33. Garii Giliam

    Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

  34. rahul meenagari

    Details are very informative… Keep it up.. 🙂

  35. Awseome content sir….Seeing u from long time liking ur content…And its growing too… n becoming better day by day…

  36. manvendra maurya

    Bhai you are awesome👍👍

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