New GOP Election Misinformation Scheme Violates Federal Law: Voting Rights Attorney

Marc Elias, voting rights attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about why Americans can’t rely on the courts to defend voting rights against Republican infringement indefinitely, and why he thinks the Arizona election misinformation operation is violating federal law.
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  1. They ONLY care about Republican votes. They are happy to ignore every vote for Biden, they act like it must be fraud, because how could their deeply unpopular, polarizing candidate lose after telling America the pandemic that killed half a million people was a Democratic hoax? 🙄

  2. Johnny DiMeglio

    "These crazy people" (Half the populationn who share the opposite "belief".)
    "The taint of officialdom" (The state legislature – who are elected.)
    Some day I will demonstrate how to spot Satan on Channel 12. Remember Michael Avanatti?

  3. You let this happen America WTF guys what happened to you? By far you had the respect of most of the world but that's taken a big blow now! Personally I thought it would all be rectified after kicking that lying,corrupt dictator wannabe out the Whitehouse but it doesn't look that way! Why cant you bring Traitor Trump to justice along with his numerous cult enablers?????????????????????????

  4. Johnny DiMeglio

    Just, notice that she never has "the other side" on hand to actually have a debate. That's telling. That's the BIG TELL. No – Debate.

  5. Johnny DiMeglio

    RACHAEL IS GLORIOUS — GLORIOUSLY something. The last 'brilliant' leftist standing.

  6. alexis contreras

    rachel maddow… spreader of misinformation and leftist propaganda 🤦‍♂️

  7. Do the republicans really think their voting rights are safe?

  8. The people need to wake up and start voting these state politicians out. These politicians are destroying the republicans party and we the people are allowing this to happen.

  9. Marc is absolutely correct. You cannot humor them.

  10. Luke_SkyWanker

    Well, I'd say a Federal Grand Jury should look into that. You know, I'll bet a lot of the "same old Trump operatives" from the Capitol Coup Attempt and Republican State Legislators will come up over and over. Hint: It's been a BIG CONSPIRACY. Time to stitch it all together and start locking these people up for life.

  11. Stop watching this lie. Avoid main stream media. All lies. Think for yourself

  12. How ia requiring ID restrictive or racist?

  13. Richard Weinberger

    Has anybody read about how voting is done in Sweden ? It's another racist scheme that requires ID to vote. Who knew?

  14. Andethidial bubabibub

    Haven't seen a example single fraud case in all this searching except for the one rep who voted for his dead mum and got caught. Who would risk this felony for a single vote.. None of this makes sense

  15. Patrick Rothlisberger

    You see a problem with tighter voting lows. Why, is it because it makes it hard for you to cheat. These laws are being enacted exactly for that reason, which is to stop voter fraud like on 11/03/2020.

  16. All lies, read the bill yourself.

  17. expand the supreme court

  18. Get ratio'd, shills. 😂😂😂

  19. Proto Rhinocerator

    Suddenly people on the left care about voting laws.

  20. Jason Hochman

    Voter suppression is ironically necessary to save democracy. In order to vote, you should be required to be a scientist operating out of a BSL 4 or higher lab. The entire election of 2020 was rigged because foolish, unscientific people were duped to vote for Biden, believing that he was a great scientist, and now, we find out that it was all lies,. the China lab leak was not some insane conspiracy theory, Covid 19 was not killing more people than a bad flu season, Fauci was as incompetent as he was during the AIDS crisis in the late 80s /early 90s.

  21. They need to stop the bs and start doing what they were elected to do serve the people. Not THE TRUMP! Marc Elias is a true patriot for fighting for the people and democracy.

  22. Safiry Productions

    Fun fact: Every country in Europe, that progressives want to be like, all require ID for voting and most don't allow mail in voting unless you have a good reason like being deployed for military service or being elderly.

  23. Was curious who watches this joke of a news outlet(are they still legally considered news?) But even more curious who believes this B.S. they've only been busted over a dozen times in the past two years spreading false information. And settled out of court on several lawsuits. It's the kentucky fried movie of the "news" world.

  24. Wonka GoldBar

    All the GQP's on this comment thread need to get a life. Why on earth do you even watch except to get your cheap, pathetic thrills by your idiotic hater comments. I don't waste my time watching Fox or OAN or Newsmax. My time is too precious. Clearly, yours is not.

  25. Vote 🗳 with ID 👍👍👍

  26. Steve Skouson

    OK, I have to show an ID to buy beer!
    And, NUMEROUS states are being sued,
    because they require an ID to vote!

    Look at the thumbs up, vs the thumbs
    down! That, right there, is what I call


  27. BigBoogookie

    Too bad they won't tighten up gun ownership the same way when there are way more shootings than voter fraud cases. Oh, well, we get what we deserve in the end.

  28. Lawrence Thompson

    Rachael MadCow Gaslighter extrordinaire

  29. Lawrence Thompson

    Rachael MadCow is either extremely evil or extremely stupid and I do not think she is stupid. She is very good at spin, half truth, lies by omission and flat out lies.

  30. Every state needs to organize their pro democracy population the way Stacy Abrams organized Georgia — and they need to do it NOW and take state houses in 2022 or the new GQP laws will enable Republicans to "legally" steal the 2024 presidential election by voiding the choices of voters and sending their own loyalists to the Electoral College.

  31. If GQP SCOTUS puts party over nation, US will become a fascist controlled nation in 2024.

  32. Sessions For Emmanuel

    Civil war has already begun and you don’t see it. 👀

  33. rabble levin

    The cultists are flooding the comments. Imagine if Clinton backers, after there had already been more recounts and audits in election history, to set up a completely biased "audit". Imagine radical Clinton partisans who, despite all evidence to the contrary, claimed that Clinton really won. Imagine they were in charge of a new "audit" using a Clinton backing company that had zero experience with elections or audits. Imagine if the owner of the company already claimed Clinton was the actual winner. Imagine all the people involved in the process were Clinton loyalists and that they were not following basic protocols to ensure integrity of the ballots, the machinery or even the counting process. It's crazy.

  34. Connor Garry

    What part of the bill "targets" and "disenfranchises" black and brown people? I mean seriously, who falls for this? There's literally no way to target a single race, and these morons are insulting black and brown people by saying they can't get ID's. And then you got this loser tell viewers to pack courts over it….judges have actual work to do you dumbF. There is NO law in the US that goes against black and brown people, but there are plenty that were enacted FOR black and brown people.
    MSNBC is the TRUE misinformation and the dislike ratio shows people are waking up

  35. I'm no expert, but I thought election fraud was kind of illegal and violated the law and that Constitution thingy…and stuff. I mean, it looks bad when you use 100 lawyers trying stop an audit of the most secure election in history with the most votes in history by a guy who only won 1 bellwether state out of 19 which was the first time in history……and stuff.

  36. You would think after all this time they would have their proof and they better have proof … without the dirty tricks…

  37. I love the unity that Biden is bringing.

  38. Joseph Robinette O'Biden Jr.

    Audits in several states. I don't hear the mainstream media talking point "baseless conspiracy theories" LMAO

  39. MSNBC is the one using a misinformation scheme. How do millions of people know this? Guilty people try to cover up their lies. Innocent people open the door and say, "Come on in and let's check it out together." If you have nothing to hide, why are you so upset? Explain that to your viewers.

  40. Humblegrenade

    If there is nothing to hide then what’s the problem, the audits are transparent for anyone to watch how they are being done, mail in ballot folds, marks, legal ballot numbers and all that simple kind of stuff, and that will prove the Democrats are right… so why are they making so much trouble about proving they won the election, just double checking ,seems like they would be gloating about the audit if there is nothing to hide, and Racheal can say , see we told you and gloat about it, so the audit is a win win for them, RIGHT ?

  41. “Misinformation” is what MSNBC does best. On behalf of Biden.

  42. Chris Bellen

    if US democracy fails then that would cause a domino effect around the world. Not only is US democracy in peril, so is the rest of the world.

  43. MorbidVizions

    How are they making it hard for "Black or Brown people" to vote? How does this not affect Whites, Asians, Natives and every other creed as well? Besides the fact that requiring ID doesn't suppress any voter, just keeps them accountable for each vote. Wouldn't you want this? Seems strange that you don't…. And why mention the fact that there are "White" men standing behind as it's being signed? Why try to push a race issue when there clearly is none here lol. This is racism at it's worst! Garbage reporter is just another activist pushing division. This is why only hate peddling fools take MSNBC seriously.

  44. jean-claude schwartz

    Those Dislikes need to be either removed or overturned.

    "If this Election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side, our democracy would enter a death spiral."
    -Mitch McConnell

  45. Savior Money

    She hates that voter fraud will be more difficult…. and that voters will have to actually be citizens.

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