New He Who Will Remain Unamed (PaulyKoaly Ace Attorney Comic Dub)

Edgeworth tries to escape his past, but he knows it’s not Wright.


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[the artist has the right to ask me to take down the video. Which i will do as fast as possible on request]

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  1. Dante Rodriguez

    I love the commentary the artist made, in the original draft edgeworth said he went to a psychologist, but then the artist realized he wouldn't ask help from anyone so he just got a fucking book

  2. kings chapter


  3. BlackKnightJack

    I figured the joke was going to be about how the Investigations games go out of their way to not mention or show Wright except in very easily missable cameos.

  4. Lizzie Ourworld


  5. Gumshoe has ascended to break the 4th wall

  6. unknown dragon

    he has wright PTSD.

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