New Henry Mesner Tries to Kill Amaro – Law & Order: SVU

Amaro (Danny Pino) faces off with 10-year-old Henry Mesner (Ethan Cutkosky) and ends up catching a bullet from the young psychopath.

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Henry Mesner Tries to Kill Amaro – Law & Order: SVU

Law & Order


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  1. The court made a big mistake letting him go free at the age of 18.

  2. Milenka Gardilcic Flores

    The bensaro moment after this ✨✨✨✨

  3. I need Amaro back…

  4. Phebe Sequin

    The ambitious wall operationally murder because icicle histomorphometrically admit but a naughty base. psychotic, second-hand sink

  5. Last time: shoved his baby sister down the stairs and shot Detective Amaro

    After his release: annihilates his foster family, kidnaps his baby sister, and stabs Carisi in the ear using a pencil

    Yeah, this Henry Mesner fella really, really needs to be locked away for a long, long time.

    Amanda will see to it that he is.

  6. I wish Amaro would've been Rollins' 1st baby daddy

  7. Rollins was an idiot for not shooting Henry when she had the chance

  8. Prettyboyjv1

    WOW tell me why I was thinking of this scene at work today I didn’t know y’all posted it thank you.

  9. I just want to see Nick and Elliot in the same room just one time and have Nick go off on him PLS

  10. Francisco Marines

    Next Time Hen Appears They Gotta Put Him Down.

  11. Joe Whitehead

    Woulda made more sense to post this scene before that new episode with Henry premiered

  12. I wonder🤔 if Henry returns in season 23

  13. first amaro and then carisi
    he really coming for my men huh

  14. A Rose From Concrete

    Wow they took it way back… wait that's that guy

  15. Joseph Scaduto

    Show was in its truest prime when Amaro was on. Def one of the shows greatest characters

  16. Robert Alvarez

    Creeped out does not begin to describe how I feel right now.

    Especially the last few seconds of this video clip. Talk about going from range to nothingness!!

  17. Jesus Coyt-Munoz

    I feel like Henry and William Lewis are examples of if a criminal is as evil as that and has no emotion then they and other killers like them should be given the death penalty regardless of age, race, or gender.

  18. Lucivane Moreira

    Saudades Amaro,ótimo como duplo com Olívia.😘❤

  19. Breanna Schaefer

    They should bring old characters back as a reunion episode (the good characters)

  20. Debbie Schultz

    This is one seriously f. d up kid

  21. Wykeisha Craft

    I love Law&Order SVU and i miss Nick

  22. Summer Bozeman

    Maybe we are reminding everyone about this episode because Henry is back and Amaro might make an appearance too…? (please please please)

  23. Eldridge Davis

    Awesome episode. Amaro is missed!

  24. Getting shot point blank in the gut like that… not fun

  25. Summer Bozeman


  26. Alfie my Dawg

    He be trying to kill amaro and carisi! Rollins better kill him if he gets out

  27. This used to be my fave episode but when they did the William lewis episodes. Omg. This kid became second. Henry reminded me of a mini version of William lewis.

  28. Joaquin Choque

    Everyone miss Nick Amaro

  29. Terry Nason is a super villain

    Nice video

  30. This was dark… next!

  31. Ryan Gangadin

    Henry doesn’t deserve to live. When he came back, he got so much worse.

  32. Danny Pino! ❤️

  33. Marlene Sheffield

    This young actor was suberbly extra creepy and psychotic in this role. I have a feeling we will see him again…(queue the Mike Myers Halloween theme).

  34. Glad they brought Henry back in s22, the episode was outstanding

  35. Susan Sanborn

    im really hoping for another follow up episode in season 23 because there was so much left out

  36. Victoria Mee

    What episode is this

  37. Do you think one day they’ll bring him back? I mean, when he’s like 25 ads serial killer …

  38. Awesome Channel

    I miss nick

  39. Jeremy Kershaw

    Then he stabbed Carisi in the ear with a pencil! Lock him up!

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