New Holland EXCEL 4710 (47 HP) | On road Price, Review & Specification | By Kisan Khabri

The most powerful, technologically advance & most versatile tractor in its segment. Powered by a powerful and fuel efficient 47 HP engine, the feature-rich Excel 4710 comes packed in the international styling with Cat-Eye headlamps & Quadra AFT.

Excel 4710 provides up to 4.5 HP more useful (PTO) power compared to other tractors in its category.

The new Excel 4710 features 8+8 Synchro Shuttle, industry-first Eptraa PTO with 7 speeds in one tractor, HP Hydraulics & Straight Axle Planetary Drive with power of 3 gears in single axle.


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• FPT Engine-47 HP
• Independent Clutch Lever
• HP Hydrolic 1800 Kg lifting capacity*
• Straight Axle Planetry Drive
• 8F+8R Speed Synchro Shuttle
• 4WD also available in MHD & STS Axle
• New Holland Skywatch

The New Holland 4710 Tractor has a fully constant mesh AFD dual-clutch, which provides smooth functioning. The tractor has manual, and an optional power steering which helps in easy control. The tractor has oil-immersed multi-disc brakes that provide less slippage and high grip on the field and protect the operator from harmful accidents. Besides, it has many more advanced and modern features, which are defined below.

It is made with 8 forward & 2 reverse and an optional 8 forward & 8 reverse synchro shuttle gearbox.
The 4wd New Holland 4710 Excel comes with a canopy that protects the operator from dust, dirt, and sun.
The 2wd 4710 Excel is suitable for paddy fields and small farms as it performs very well in these fields.
It has an independent PTO lever.
The 62-litre fuel tank helps the tractor to perform for long hours and save extra expenses.
The design and looks of the tractor always attracts new-age farmers.

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