New Home Loan Basics [Mortgage Explained Simply]

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Mortgage Explained Simply

00:26 – What is a mortgage and how does it work?
02:03 – How does a home loan / mortgage work?
03:19 – What does a 95% mortgage mean?
04:27 – What is loan to value ratio?
04:58 – What is lenders mortgage insurance?
06:18 – What does principle and interest mean with mortgages?
08:18 – Can I buy a property without a mortgage?
08:45 – How much money should I save before I buy a house?
09:15 – Conclusion.

Topics we cover in this video.
What even is a mortgage. Home loan jargon explained simply. A beginners guide to mortgages in Australia. A mortgage is a residential home loan secured against a residential property. We look at what loan to value ratio is. How the banks facilitate lending.


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  1. Why banks accessment is different for broker's application and why they take longer to access as compared to their own direct applicants?

  2. Maybe a video about Pexa & complications with transfers that might come up (Caveats issues with the vendor sides of things etc) would be good.

  3. Hey boys, could you do a farm loan series . Many many different options and I’d love to hear your practical breakdowns. Also in particular do you guys have any experience in setting these up I’d love to get in touch if so. Cheers

  4. Hi-Im just curious if anyone have any information on CBA Pre-Approval, is it fully assessed, if it’s reliable?

    Thank you