New Housing Market | YES! The 40 Year Mortgage is HERE!

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Housing Market | YES! The 40 Year Mortgage is HERE! With mortgage forbearance ending in September, many homeowners need to find an exit to the forbearance. One option that mortgage brokers and banks are looking at is the 40 year mortgage. On the surface, it sounds good, lower monthly payment, an extra 10 years to pay off the mortgage. Well let us tell you, with us being experts in the field of accelerated mortgage payoff, a 40 year mortgage is a TERRIBLE idea. In this video, we break down WHY it’s a TERRIBLE idea and stick around to the end of the video where we show you the first step into paying off your mortgage

0:00 Intro
1:13 Ginnie Mae backing the 40 year mortgage
1:45 What is a 40 year mortgage
4:07 The domino effect
4:47 Mortgage backed securities for wall street
6:32 It’s not only wall street
7:07 New government policy for borrowers
10:49 The effects of government intervention
11:40 How mortgages work
14:31 Final thoughts

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  1. xjellybeans x

    Yup. Becoming the norm because of home prices skyrocketing. And it’ll be little to bo equity
    Husband wanted to sell to get the profits and live elsewhere. I said heck no. I’m on the West coast. Homes in my areas are now 1.10 million I bought my home for 400+ I’m paying the sucker off!

  2. “Oh, you can afford afford the same monthly payment with a 40 year loan?! Let’s raise prices!” Sigh…

  3. christian torres

    This will definitely be the new norm more debt more time to pay more interest paid auto loans as well they already start at 84-96 months

  4. boulder list

    What exactly is the reason why 40 years loan is like candy not good for the health? If just because of total amount of the interest to pay, does that mean people should always pay cash if they can or 15 years of mortgages? People don't do that because they can possibly use the funds for investment with higher returns.

  5. Buy bank stocks 😉

  6. Little Sunshine

    I didn’t see the link to get the free book 📖

  7. But the people in forbearance. Don’t they have to pay back the X amount of months they didn’t pay?

  8. I think that it's a horrible idea, but saying that a person might as well rent….I think that's a bit of an off statement. if you rent, your rent goes up year to year. If you get into a fix mortgage, as long as you stay in the home, the payment stays the same. While it is still a horrible idea, I'd rather a fixed rate forty for ten years verses rent increases every year for ten years. Just my take

  9. You guys are great. Love the format and perspective.
    The United States of Banks and Politicians. Fuq this

  10. Damn, if you were 20 you could be done by 60 🤣🤣. Or if you're like me you'd be dead or long retired…

  11. The 40 year mortgage will be the equivalent of the "Interest only loans" that were very popular in early 2000's. That didn't end well.

  12. If they do this they'll have to move the retirement age next. If you're buying the home at 30 you won't have any money to pay a mortgage with your social security. Or, the banks will be foreclosing on people in their 70s and 80s, right before they pay off the mortgage and have the most equity. Notice also how banks are starting to pull equity loans from the market, which coincides suspiciously with the introduction of these 40-yr loans. So, either you'll have to work longer until retirement or you'll be foreclosed on as a senior. I can see a lot of naive people falling into this trap eventually. You'd literally have to buy a house at age 20 to make this mortgage work. You know most people are going to max out their DTI and buy the biggest house and be housepoor. This only makes sense for investors who want to rent, not normal buyers.

  13. Senior Housing Analyst

    As a noted economist stated so eloquently, "If you have to borrow for 15 or 30 years, you can't afford it nor is it affordable."

    He's right.

  14. Trades and Lifts

    Inflation "transitory" is a joke lol. 40 yr mortgages, 15 year car loans are going to be normal in 5 years.

  15. Credit report of 580 , that old get then to buy anyway we can sounds familiar….And the 15k incentive for 1st time buyer. You have to be in poverty to get that. If prices spike again as quick as they most recently did. It can not sustain, wages won’t cover mortgages or the new rent prices.

  16. 40 year might be a smart move for 5 units and up. Get more people into the rental game at a lower price with less risk. and possibly help with affordability. Then congress needs to get it together because interest rates can only go so low and what's next a 60 year mortgage to bail out their poor policies?

  17. Innocent Morai

    Great guys you are awesome

  18. Joshua Fausset

    This is a terrible idea that will just exacerbate the problem of housing affordability.

  19. Conner Powers

    Actually prices of house go up to normalize the payment. Payments will go back to what they are now and your payment is just as high but the house price is way higher and that means insurance and taxes skyrocket

  20. Top Secret Bear

    would be a good way to get the populace to accept higher and higher prices in the residential markets. In commercial it will allow for a new maximum level of leverage. It is a way to stretch out the scam a bit longer. Personally I think I would still prefer 30 yr mortgages.

  21. Gelsa Pearse

    If we're cash-flowing a property via renters (40-year mortgage), wouldn't the monthly mortgage payments be lower, but rents stay fairly steady, therefore leading to a higher profit margin when the monthly rents come in?

  22. Roger Martinez

    I hope the 40 mortgage becomes the norm.

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