New How El Chapo & Jeffrey Epstein's 26-Year-Old Attorney Landed Her Notorious Clients

After two prior successful escapes, drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was arrested in 2016. He was later extradited to the United States to face multiple charges, including drug trafficking and homicide. A legal team was assembled to defend him, including a young woman straight out of law school named Mariel Colón Miró. Mariel reveals to All Access how stumbling upon a Craigslist ad after graduation led her to work on behalf of the cartel leader – and eventually got her a job on the legal team of another notorious man, the now-late Jeffrey Epstein.

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  1. Rachel Johnson

    Craigslist ad means they know they will lose

  2. Rootin For Lenin Mk II

    Seems like a piece of shit

  3. Scribblebytes

    I got discovered by Warner Bros. at the Pizza Hut and now I'm starring in their next film.

  4. Colombian Flag

    I don't understand how lawyer's can defend this type of monsters.. Epstein and el Chapo.

  5. "Took his own life….and Batboy exsists…back to you Elvis."

  6. Glad she sucked enough to lose!

  7. Nathan Hallifax

    Oh he took his own life. In prison during a black out that only affected security cameras.

  8. im sorry did you say he took his own life? thats funny


    She cant comment about Epstein because hes still alive and well protected by the billionaire elites thank you very much 😊 ☺

  10. I have a purpose…defending sex offenders and murders

  11. Excuse me, the evidence show that Epstein DID NOT take his own life. Some corrupt liars said he took his own life, but the CLEAR EVIDENCE SAYS OTHERWISE. Stop lying.

  12. That access host is the gayest black dude i've ever seen lmfao, "hit it, oh come on hit it he he" 😂

  13. Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris

    lol what – craigslist?

  14. De Lores Hollis

    She hurried up and said she couldn't comment on Epstein.

  15. Pippi Walker

    I don't get it. Was it this time around that she represented Epstein or last time he was accused??

  16. Lisa donnell

    I fear she'll cause a mis-trial, or getting the case thrown out on some inept acts.
    I hope the prosecution eats her alive on this horrible case. She will only gain experience from it. And victims can get justice. Sadly many of them are close to her age, i cant help thimling them thinking she could have been a victim too. I can't fathom a defense for these monsters.

  17. Who wouldn't want to defend him? Even for millions, probably no attorney would

  18. I wouldn't let a 26 year old lawyer represent me. Just saying.

  19. What a good game 🤣

  20. Lisa donnell

    This woman looks like a daycare worker who couldn't handle 2 toddlers fighting let alone represent 2 evil men…

  21. Mitchell White

    No wonder he lost.
    Doncha just love affirmative action?

  22. What a coincidence, both high profile cases in the same jail and all u gotta do is answer a Craigslist ad??? Something fishy about that.

  23. Lost her wallet LOL

  24. Matthew Flewelling

    She must not be very good

  25. Bigfoot Trucking

    Man f*** this channel

  26. A craiglist ad? Then her boss "forgot" her ID 😂🤣

  27. Heedful Newt

    One client ends up behind jail for life and the other client gets killed(“suicide”)… I can be a shitty lawyer too

  28. Jose Melendez

    She was smiling bout chapo but wasnt with Epstein

  29. Yes Epstein killed himself sure just like Nicole Kidmans father had a "nasty accident" after being exposed as a satanic child murdering freak along with his high end pals. OK I believe that. Oh and the Pentagon got hit by a huge aeroplane you can't see on any of the 100's of cameras around the place.

  30. girl from south

    She's like the young, dumb dog in cartoons who is oblivious to the fact it's getting taken advantage of. I mean, obviously, she wasn't the sharpest tool in law school. If she were, she wouldn't have been answering Craigslist ads for paralegals. Only people who rank VERY low in their law school class and barely pass the Bar Exam would ever have to be so desperate to even interview for a paralegal position advertised on Craigslist. She must not have qualified for any positions listed by the Career Services Dept. of her law school.

    She was given the job because no other level headed attorney or paralegal would ever take it…… only a VERY desperate, totally inexperienced one would. And, LOL, her supervising attorney "lost her wallet" and couldn't go see El Chapo…… More like, the attorney who actually made the big bucks was wise enough to not have a three hour meeting, sharing their life story, with a man who regularly orders hits on people. I'm sure El Chapo will be thrilled to know the firm that got him his guilty verdict hired totally inexperienced staff to work his case. I mean, even having the gull to do this interview shows what an oaf she is.

    And now, this woman's claim to fame is she was taken advantage of by a firm who used her to regularly meet with the world's most notorious sex offender…… and, the world's most notorious drug pin. Her parents must be SO proud. If it were my kid, I'd be completely petrified. Knowing what she knows, there are undoubtedly many people who would think nothing of killing her and her family members.

  31. Vinay Krishnan

    Took his own life ? LOL. Yeah. right.

  32. The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury

    Yeah because the biggest king pin in the world goes on craigslist for a fucking attorney lmfao.

  33. Jeremy Worcester

    It would all be fine and good however Mr. Epstein did not kill himself

  34. Why would they give someone who is 26 a job like this of two high value clients should have allowed people with over 20 years or more of this job seems weird they would give a nooby such serious people….

  35. So all his co-conspirators went off free? Okay that's nice to know.

  36. Omg to see these perverted action among European men in modern times is completely disgusting
    Smh these sick fucking people need to be
    Banished with out a doubt
    Id rather blow cocaine in my wife's butthole then do what that weirdo did 😎👆👉

  37. Greg Van Gaasbeek

    Took his own life? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yea right!!!!

  38. A singer can pay the Bills if there talented… her parents pressured her to be a lawyer the world would have never known the potential talent this lawyer could have had in singing

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