New How I Got Mortgage Free With No Money

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Becky tells her story of how she maneuvered her way into being mortgage free with no money. It’s worth putting in the effort to get mortgage free because living without that heavy burden on your shoulders is a great feeling. So many people are stuck in the rat race because they get a big house with a huge mortgage. Then they have to work 60+ hours a week so they can make the payments. If you want to hear the story of how one woman made the journey from rat race mortgage prison to homesteading debt free paradise this video is for you.


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  1. Well I’m hoping to do just that, especially since the other Dreams of mine didn’t happen if getting a cabin kit an building it on nearby lake or stream…

  2. I have watched you guys for a long long time this 2021 now I want to build a barndominium steel building. I don't have any idea what to do or how to start I'm 63 years of age I don't have anyone to coach me in the right direction so I'm taking one at a time to build this 2 bedroom 2 bath home just have myself to worry about I have 3 and 1/2 acres

  3. This is click bait. How is selling your home to purchase another have anything to do with what your title says?

  4. You are actually a very successful CEO;)
    You are lovely
    Love how simply you put it . .. what kind of lifestyle do you want

  5. In 2013 I quit my $65,000 a year job, which I hated, thinking we’ll tighten our belts and somehow get by on one salary. Instead, we didn’t have to tighten our belts because what I learned was that almost all of my salary was going to taxes and the cost of the job. It’s exactly what she said – the fast food, the second car and gas/repairs, hiring people to do the yard work and all the other things we were too exhausted to do ourselves on a too large house that sucked up every spare minute and every spare dime. We sold that house 3 years ago and bought property in Wyoming and have been debt free ever since. We’ve never been happier.

  6. Becky! I love your channel! Please tell me how you do vet bills, med bills for yourself and your kids, and also dentist???? I am in the process of looking at land to buy and I am planning on homesteading that land, but I am concerned about medical and dental and vet bills. How do you pay for those things? Thank you soooooooo much for your AMAZING advice!

  7. i have a question for anyone willing to answer. How much are you paying in property taxes? does it equal about as much as renting does or is it significantly less when using proper searching? I've only ever been a renter and have been little prepared for the world of home buying/owning/building, but my long time goal is build my own home!

  8. I love you Becky. You are so sweet, and your advice is so informative. I've learnt a lot. Thank you.

  9. I am so happy for You and Ur journey such an inspiring way to true happiness and freedom..✌❤🥂🤙

  10. Your home is still not paid for. You have to pay your taxes because if you don't the government will take it away. So a home, a car and anything you have to pay taxes on, is not free and clear. Some if your videos you talk about you did it with no money down but then you say you put down $1500 if your taxes down. Doesn't make sense to me.

  11. You're my new fav youtuber. I have a LOT, but I'm interested in everything you've done. I have an adult son with autism, a teenager about to be 18 and an older daughter who is homeless in a different state. I work 40/wk in a job I can't stand, it's mega boring and almost all back work. I have a crew (family) of artists, including myself, and I can't wait until I can at least buy an acre to call my own. All of my children and I will have something that's ours, and I'm a Cook/Baker as well. I love to cook, I just never have the dang time. I'm going to teach myself how to make soaps and candles, I've always wanted to learn that. Next, painting, getting better at it anyway, then rectify sculptures. All I need to do is figure out where I actually want to stay (what state) and which kit. I've always wanted a log home for my kids to have when I'm gone, their own land and home. You're an inspiration Miss Becky, Big love from Texas! Thank ya' kindly!

  12. I do all that now and its beautiful..all organic and GMO food is their way of life now….