New How I Use A Mortgage To Buy Stocks || Part 1

I want to show you how I use a mortgage to buy stocks. I came to the realization that I had too much money wrapped up in the house doing nothing. I decided to …


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  1. Sounds like your investment in the home went up 20% already, but your home is more about securing your wealth and lifestyle, not as a fund for investing.

    Too risky for me…if the bottom falls out, you're stuck with debt you didn't have before. I guess you're just way more optimistic than I am.

  2. SuburbanHobbyist

    06:27 No, no, I get it. I have a bunch of money sitting in my account ready to invest as well. I was able to raise that money JUST after the market had it's initial recovery. Missed it by about a week really. I waited for the bounce as well and….it never came. Just kept going up really, which is insane if you think about it. I'm still waiting for a major correction. For most of the market, prices make absolutely no sense and sooner or later reality HAS to make itself known.

  3. Can you please explain how its possible to take a mortgage out on a house you own. Do you mean HELOC.- I guess not.

  4. Evander Farson

    Aren't dividends tax disadvantaged?

  5. Put most of it in your investing account and request margin on your account, then you have the ability double your cash investments in stocks.

  6. I would argue that you didn’t mortgage enough. Mortgage right now may be the cheapest it will ever be in our lives. Taking money out to spend is a bad idea, taking money out to invest is wise when appropriately leveraged.

  7. Before You Buy Guy

    This is a great mindset, I have always thought of doing this and may do so in the future.

  8. The Lone Bagger Rides Again


  9. Interesting…..I'm not sure your move was to far out there……kinda makes sense as long you don't need the cash anytime soon. Change of subject …..did you do your own concrete flat work for you house? Any chance of a break down of cost to build it? Thanks

  10. Anika Crawford

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