New How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement? Car Crash Lawyer Gives the Real Truth

A common question after suffering an injury in a car crash that is not your fault is ‘how much is my settlement worth?’ It’s very complicated question with no easy answers. Car accident settlement amounts depend on a variety of factors. Typical pain and suffering awards vary widely as you can imagine.

I spoke with personal injury attorney Jarrett Johnson who specializes in personal injury settlements and car accident claims about what kind of amounts you can expect and also how long it takes to settle a personal injury cases.

Watch my whole interview with Jarrett if you have suffered an injury in a car accident and are looking for information about personal injury attorneys and the process your case will involve. He’s very honest and straightforward and covers all the bases. It’s a great primer on car accident settlements and what to do and what to expect.


If you have been injured in a car accident and need to hire a car accident attorney, you can find Jarrett by visiting his website or you can call: 816-281-3108

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00:21 How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement?
02:43 The Impact on Your Quality of Life
03:38 Pain and Suffering Examples


Aimee Gromowsky ( and Jarrett Johnson (
Recorded March 28, 2019


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Here is a blog post with all the videos in one place if you want a more comprehensive reference on how what to do if you are injured in a car accident:

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  1. Alex Quezada

    I was hit and run and ther person license plate was wedge into my car I have no insurance no license should I expect anything

  2. they ran a light…but their insurance is 30/60/30 so im confused what my max is. they have admitted guilt. the two ither things are …1. my airbags didnt deploy this was a serious crash my car was totled and 2. my car was totaled i am now upside down in it. So 30/60/30 will be enough to cover my car loss? i am in treatment for my neck, back and legs

  3. guess it sucks when the person you sue lives out of the dollar store. you picked the wrong one!

  4. Jeff Marion: Personal Injury Law Specialist

    It's always tough to figure out what the exact damages are, and a lot of the time it depends on the available insurance. Sometimes, the policy limits barely cover initial treatment.

  5. Kyanna Estorninos

    Very nice. Thank you so much

  6. Kelly York
    I was hit ( T boned ) by a young girl of 26 who was at fault. She was given a ticket at the scene. I was knocked out, had two broken lower teeth in front, a broken sternum, many contusions and deep bruises… and my hand was sprained. I also had about a half inch deep gash on my knee where my knee broke off the key in the ignition ( they think). I was wearing my seatbelt and it saved my life. I was taken to the hospital but released. I’ve been through tons of scans and physical therapy. I have dizzy spells and headaches and am seeing a neurologist who has tested me and found issues in my right side with balance. I later fell and broke my wrist due to balance issues. I hired an attorney the first week after the accident because the girl’s insurance company was calling me for a statement repeatedly, and I was injured and in bed. My attorney stated I would never have to talk to them without her present. The girl only has the min. amount of insurance in my state which is 25,000. I had MEDPAY up to 25,000 Under my auto insurance plan, and I have uninsured / underinsured up to 100,000. My case is still on going. The girl was totally at fault although they are only accepting 80 percent or so of the fault at this point. The accident happened in Ga. There were witnesses who were interviewed by the police who stated the girl was at fault. I’ve only talked to my attorney twice, and it’s been over a year since the accident. Her clerks wanted me to do all the work to gather records for them from doctors’ offices and physical therapists , which I did later on because they stated it would save me money…these lawyers are lazy and want you to do all the work. Covid has made this whole process a nightmare….even gathering records is difficult because you often cannot just drop by to pick up records…have to call out of state and pay for them out of your pocket. Everything moved at a snails pace. Also, my car was totaled, and I had to purchase a new vehicle. I was reimbursed but not for what I felt it was worth. My medical insurance is paying most of my bills, but they will expect to be reimbursed. After this attorney, who is supposed to be a good one, finally gets down to negotiating, I feel like I MAY get 5000.00 out of this after the lawyer gets the lion’s share and my medical insurance gets the rest. Still I was lucky to walk ( hobble ) away to the ambulance from that accident….she never slowed down and hit me at 45 MPH. By the way, I found MEDPAY to be almost totally useless since I was often required to pay for medical necessities and dental repair out of my own pocket (thousands of dollars) and then wait months for reimbursement. If you think you are going to get rich (Get a bundle of money) because you were the victim of a car accident, think again.

  7. Awesome Life

    Talk numbers. Give examples of your past settlements. I wouldnt hire these people

  8. Kyanna Estorninos


  9. Oscar Flores

    I've been waiting 1 year and 3 months 🤦‍♂️

  10. I have been put in a horrible situation and I cannot find anyone to help me.

  11. Great vid

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