New How picking a mortgage lender can help you win more offers.

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In a very competitive Real Estate market, everything matters – this series is about ways to increase your chances of being the “CHOSEN ONE.” Partnering up with the right mortgage lender can make all the difference between being a home owner with the home you loved or being just one more of the 14, 20, or 60 offers the seller received.

Our goal is always to educate our clients to make sure that they are THE BEST BUYERS in the market. An important element that will contribute greatly on whether your offer is chosen or not is:

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When a seller has to pick an offer out of 25, in some cases 63 offers, everything matters. You want to make sure you stack enough things in your favor to become competitive enough to stand out from the rest.

Why does your mortgage lender matter?

Like me, you probably have your preferences on the things you chose to spend your money on… most of the time you go back to the same brands because you know they work. In the case of a mortgage lender there are three very important things that are going to matter in a tight market:

1. Knowledge of the local market
2. Reputation
3. Speed

I go into some of these items a little more in depth in the video. Our buyers, per current market standards, have had more success and have written fewer offers because we apply these and a few other things I hope to teach you in this series: WHO YOU WORK WITH MATTERS.

Our goal is to empower you and help you achieve your goals of homeownership and/or real estate investment. If you have any questions about lenders, rates, or how to find what works for you, please reach out. You can call or text: 305-760-4570


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  1. Great information! Having just closed on a house with Mark and his team, I can attest to how important it was to have a great local lender on board.

  2. 100% ! It takes well knowledgeable team to make it a smooth transaction and help the buyers achieve their goals on time and less stress.

  3. It truly does matter who you work with. These are all great points regarding local lenders.