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  1. Caputo & Partners AG

    How safe is my money in my Swiss bank account from US court cases or foreign judgments in general?

    Can US Court Cases, US judgments, US court orders or any other foreign judgement crack my Swiss bank account?

    Here is the answer. For accessing your money in your Swiss bank account,

    your creditor must have the American Judgement, No 1, RECOGNIZED, and No 2, ENFORCED in Switzerland, by a Swiss court.

  2. Mr Enzo you are the best… everyone should take an appointment with you, you know how to manage structuring and you are very honest

  3. Hiren Shukla

    Always Love your Video

  4. Hey! Enzo as you’ve mention in your previous Video about a Swiss Bank account..I was thinking of opening one and u also discuss from ur previous Video that u can get an American Express Centurion Card as long as I have a Swiss Bank account..Is that accurate?

  5. Bata Simões

    Great Content as always!

  6. I appreciate every video you do 👍👍

  7. Mongoose Eight

    The best banking content on the internet. Thank you Mr. Caputo

  8. Mir wäre es in deutsch lieber wie ständig in Englisch.

  9. Herr Caputo, for me this was definitely one of your best informational videos. I believe this is the first time you have done a substantial video on trusts. It is such an important topic for Asset protection purposes. Danke.
    I have a question on a different topic ie Campione d'Italia. I would appreciate your feedback:
    Campione had an image of wealth and privacy. But over the past couple of years the Casino, which was the source of the enclaves wealth has gone bankrupt and as a result the enclave has built up many debts due to lack of income.
    1. So is there a plan to make Campione financially viable and attractive again?
    2. Is it, will it be still attractive to wealthy people who might want to avail of the Italian lump sum taxation program (but be close to Switzerland)?


    excellent information Enzo as Always

  11. Kishor Devshi Pankhania

    Are Swiss banks/private banks ready or aligned with QFS /Gesara ?

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