New How to add new spouse to the house deed and mortgage

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Attorney Tom Olsen: Ruthie, you’re on News 965, go ahead.
Ruthie: Hi, thank you for taking our call.
Attorney Tom Olsen: Sure.
Ruthie: My husband and his first wife had a mortgage. She passed away some years ago and we have been married for a couple of years. We tried to put my name on the mortgage, but we would have had to refinance and lose the good interest rate.
Attorney Tom Olsen: All right.
Ruthie: How do we prepare so that if something–
Attorney Tom Olsen: Ruthie, Ruthie?
Ruthie: Yes?
Attorney Tom Olsen: Ruthie, we do not need your name on the mortgage. We need your name on the deed. Ruthie, get your name on a deed as you and your husband owned it together. Forget about the mortgage, you’ll be all set to go.
Ruthie: How do we do that?
Attorney Tom Olsen: I’d be happy to help, Ruthie, contact me my office next week. I’d be happy to assist you with that. It will be a deed that I’ll prepare. You and your husband will sign it and then after that, the two of you will own it together. Both of your names will be on the deed to the property. Ruthie, easiest way to reach me, of course, you can always call the Olson Law Group in Orlando but otherwise, you can email us through our website Like YouTube but Otherwise, call Olsen Law Group in Orlando, Ruthie. Next week and we’ll help you out.


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