New How to get a Twitch Donate Button using TwitchAlerts (Streamlabs)!!!

This tutorial explains how to use TwitchAlerts to receive tips and Donations on your Twitch Channel!

If you would like to use Paypal, This is a link to my tutorial on how to make a Paypal Donation Button! (this link takes you to the old version of paypal) –

And this link is for the new version of Paypal! –

If you would like to use StreamTip, this is a link to getting a donate button using streamtip! –

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  1. 1:29 that's a weird pr0n folder and the aftermath of a baby

  2. John Cortino Jr

    Thank you so much….I've been trying to figure this out…..ugh…you made it so simple.

  3. lonely jelly

    when I search up twitch alerts it brings me to streamlabs can you help me please?

  4. Most helpful video on this subject out there

  5. The Commander

    This was actually quite useful as new user to Twitch and Streamlabs.


  7. Im 11 year old.can i have a paypal account?

  8. I liked and subscribed this is the only one that works ive test all the adders not works this does, Thank you so match 🙂

  9. Katie Nicole

    Thank you so much!!! Been trying to figure this out for a while!

  10. Viktor Larsson

    Ty bro!

  11. omf sound problems.. wtf u doing..

  12. Helped a lot

  13. MattlRhoades

    Thanks man. I searched all day. This simple video helped.

  14. Thank bro , do you have a Twitter

  15. Christina Stewart

    Thank you so much for your help. You made it super easy! 🙂

  16. Tyler Kimble

    First off, thank you this helped a ton! Secondly, am I the only one that noticed he was probably a split decision away from showing the nudes on his computer? Thought it was funny

  17. if you have Paypal ,why use (Streamlabs) ? And pay out double %%`s..IE 4 % .Instaead of say 2%..just wondering .thanks.

  18. Arne Vercammen

    Nice mic

  19. Hellfire Studio

    Hey man, the bottom part of the video at 0:40 isn't appearing for me. What am I doing wrong?

  20. Maffboi Stream

    awesome video. quick and too the point. some other vids are too long and drawn out nice

  21. it wont let me click on my image

  22. does streamlabs take a percentage of the donations for itself? Does all of the donation go to the streamer?

  23. sir i loved your vdo but m havin a doubt is it necessary to do live streams on YouTube or we can use tht link in our normal vdoz too

  24. Mortiss Coffin

    Is it possible to make a donation button using a debit card bank account?

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