New How to get the best mortgage rates. Today's Dion Talk

Not all lenders are made the same. Getting the best interest rates is key when investing in buy and hold real estate.
Using rentals to achieve financial freedom goes a lot smoother when we take the time to get the best rates. Sometimes it can be as little as a few email to improve cash flow by hundreds each month.
Matt from shares hit tips and tricks. “How to get the best rates”

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Working full time doesn’t make investing in rentals easier. However, investing in rentals is a great way to make work optional.
I was able to do this as a single dad with 3 kids and a bunch of bad debt and wasn’t making a lot when I started out.


THE BINDER (Raise Rents):

Todays Dion Talk. With Dion McNeeley
I Suggest the following information sources: BiggerPockets, Meet Kevin, Chandler David Smith, One rental at a time, Graham Stephan, Minority Mindset and Kris Krohn.

Are you tired of selling your life one hour at a time? Dion Talk is a channel that helps people understand how to reach financial freedom with rental properties. House hacking can be used in the strategy but isn’t required. It just speeds the process up.
Passive income is a game changer. Buying cash flowing assets creates an income snowball. As the snowball grows you will be able to invest faster and faster. Before too long you can make work optional. Let me show you how to retire early.

What strategy do you use? House hacking? Wholesaling? Flipping? Buy and hold? Long term rental? Short term rental? Local or at a distance? Real estate or stocks? Own a business?


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  1. Jared Hudson

    Do you think dressing up to meet a lender matters?

  2. Joseph Wagner

    This was incredibly valuable. Thank you!

  3. Great stuff !! Shopping around and showing the quote to other lenders really helps. Another great video Dian!!

  4. Eddie Tennison

    There is no longer a reserve requirement for bank lending. It changed in 2020.

  5. Eddie Tennison

    I’ve been doing the refi shuffle. So far I only have one house that makes sense to refinance…but yesterday I was able to get a 3.5 quote with no points on.a 150K balance on a 300K+ house.(Previous rate 5.25 on a a 2018 loan). Dropping the payment $140 will increase my cash flow $1680 for the year. Not a lot, but worth it in this market with rising costs.

    Hoping the current trend will continue for a couple more months.I have three more at 4.25 that I’d like to refi.

    Great tips you guys! Enjoyed the discussion.

  6. Andrew McNeeley

    Super informative video! It’s awesome to learn from you and your guests and see you grow and become more informed with the information your guests bring as well. It makes you relatable and makes it exciting to look forward to the next video!

  7. Always look forward to the quality of your content! Thank you! Any chance of an OPM episode?

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