New How We Paid Our Mortgage off in 5 Years

Learn how we paid our first mortgage off in just 5 years. We give you a list of pros and cons, tell you how to “right size” your mortgage, and then explain 10 easy-to-implement strategies you can use to become mortgage-free.

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  1. Steven McMillian

    I plan on starting to pay off my mortgage this month. Great tips. I'm going to trade boxed cereal for oatmeal and cream of wheat. I've been eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat/ processed foods. Having goals are very important. Seeing them visually will help you out. Great tips. I will apply them to my mortgage payoff journey. I wish I had heard these tips before getting a mortgage.

  2. You can always take a pic of a possession that you have before you sell it. That way you can still hold on to the memory of it.

  3. When it comes to office " sales", birthdays, group $ gathering – I have a rule $2.00 . My budget is tight and that is what I can afford. I once had a coworker in another office selling Girl Scout cookies throw a tantrum as a box of cookies was $3.50- she could have just added another 1.50 to my donation and purchased the box for her family or taken my donation as part of $ raised. I wouldn't budge and it hurt our relationship but others in the office raising $ for other activities were grateful for my $2.00 donation – we have to set limits.

  4. Smart tips thank you for doing this video. Although I rent and am 61 I still dream of owning a small home someday.

    When COVID hit I had all my bills paid up, a pantry & freezer full of food, $ in the bank for the next month's bills. Whereas I had coworkers who were down to their last half roll of toilet tissue with none available in stores – so I agree saving leads to a more peaceful life

  5. This is a great video … you r like a sync together haha! Please make a video showing how you made your hair like this :))) thanks for the nice video … it really helped me to enhance my deposit and decrease the number of years .. it is amazing it makes a huge difference. I dont agree if it is good to get not too much house as it depends on the situation. Very Small houses won’t often go up in value over time so it isn’t a good investment even though u can pay the mortgage.

  6. Margaret Graham

    Really fantastic advice guys, thanks very much. I really needed to hear this motivation right now! 💰

  7. Kenyon Bissett

    Never play risky business with your home. Though your home is an investment of sorts, since your family lives there it’s not until you sell. So treat it like an expensive investment that you live in lightly, make repairs and updates.


    You guys gave wonderful advice and I like how you shared it as a couple. Team work! Lovely couple.

  9. Marilyn Thomson

    Great tips ,thank you!

  10. Onion Potato

    I've been budgeting for over 26 years, and I didn't realize it until recently but the biggest benefit to me is not having money, it is having good health as a result of 26+ years of careful menu planning. If you are going to have 7-10 servings of vegetables per day you need a plan to get there, as most of us don't really love vegetables.

  11. Onion Potato

    Paid off house, 1 year emergency fund, money for Larry's teeth, 2 cars, braces for your son's teeth, no debt, 2 cars – that is some good money management!

  12. Daydreaming Leann

    i recently learned you can pay the PMI off right off the bat for not a lot of money. best kept secret

  13. Jennifer Lefew

    I am a new subscriber and thank you for all your videos. I pay an extra hundred dollars on our mortgage and with you mentioning to double check to see if your money is going to the principal. I did that and realized my extra hundred dollars they was credited to my escrow account! I will call them and make sure to get everything cleared up but I just wanna thank you I just took it that they knew what they was doing big mistake!!!!

  14. Jupiter Star Galaxy

    I love the part when the two of you say "Stop Shopping" lol. When I worked for Macy's this was so hard to do. That was 10 years back in my late 20s but I am much wiser now and ready to start prepping for retirement and a home. 3 out of 5 kids are adults now. I'm 38 and it is long overdue. All the money I have spent, could be in the bank right now. Thank you

  15. Mixed on paying off the mortgage. Rates are SO cheap to borrow people can be investing those overpayments and making more money while paying less to borrow. For all the corner cutting and scrimping us frugal people do, I’m always amazing by the people who miss this opportunity and rush to pay down cheaply borrowed money. Just doesn’t make financial sense.

  16. Virginia Wango

    Thank you for sharing your suggestions.

  17. I love the idea of paying my house off in 5 years, but my husband is not on board with me. I am a budgeter and he is a spender. When I met him, I had an old toyota corolla that was ALL mine, paid for. He had a cool coupe and a car payment LOL! Opposites really do attract. He thinks I'm crazy when I talk about budgeting and show him my spreadsheets. Love the video, and praying for my husband. Also, we didn't get a "starter home", although our realtor calls our home a starter because it's a small ranch. We got a large lot so that we can put an addition on the home after saving up maybe 10 years down the road. Starter homes just aren't practical in our area. Our small ranch cost what some would pay for a 6,000 sq ft home in Tennesee LOL.

  18. You guys are great! I just subscribed. Great husband & wife team. I LOVE your wife’s energy, smile and laugh.

  19. Bob in the West

    Those subscriptions get people all the time, because…
    "It's only $9.99 per month. Who can't afford that?"
    Well… if you fall for this gambit TEN TIMES, guess what…
    You're spending $100 per month… don't even TRY to act surprised. It's just simple arithmetic.
    They simply "got you", because you weren't paying attention.
    When you are not "paying" attention… you will ALWAYS wind up "paying" real money.

  20. Bob in the West

    "No one can take your house if your mortgage is paid off."
    Um… as long as you keep paying your property taxes.
    Just something to keep in mind.

  21. Lesley Sheppard

    Thankyou for your good solid advise.I accidentally found your channel and can’t wait for each new 1.Not only is your information awesome and clearly spoken your partnership in marriage is remarkable and obviously built on trust and love.
    Best of luck in 2021.

  22. Rachel Martineau

    My husband and I purchased our home within 3 yrs. Bi-weekly payments were made entirely out of all his pay. Mine went towards the bills, grocery etc. We had saved up a large amount for the down payment. I didn't believe my husband when he came up with the plan. My parents had a 25 yr mortgage. We had a mutual goal and accomplished it.

  23. LaurelLeaf R

    The only thing I didn't know was the fact that when you lower the mortgage to 20% you can ask the bank to lower the PMI. I am getting to 20% in a few months. besides, my strategy is going to be to pay it in bulk, so i am focusing on saving now. And i am proud to say that i am not saving 10% or 30% as "experts" recommend , I am saving more then 50% on my income. The rest goes to bills, ,monthly expenses even vacations – usually one big vacation a year and some weekend getaways.

  24. LaurelLeaf R

    Oh WE paid. … how about I paid my mortgage in 6 years, by myself not me and my husband. If it was WE paid, we could pay it off tomorrow after 4 and a half years. But I will pay it myself and it will take another one year and a half so 6 total years. yes it can be done!

  25. Paid off my mortgage July 2019 best feeling ever!

  26. Natalie Thomas

    You guys are a cute couple🥰🥰💝

  27. doesn't the loan has a penalty clause for payoff early?

  28. Thank you! God bless you.

  29. Lamb Productions

    God bless you guys! Helped alot!

  30. Quinn the QT

    Great content! 👏🏽👏🏽

  31. I brought a large house instead of a starter home because I choose to buy out of the main town and my full house out of town was the same price as a starter home in town. My goal is to pay house off as fast as possible and then put the money that I was putting towards paying off my mortgage into renovating my house. My goal was to pay it off in 10 years. Have 3 years left of that original 10. Got behind in my plan when my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away. Trying to get everything back on track. I have a plan already but listening to others such as yourself is the motivation I need to to keep with my plan.

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