New Hushpuppi Denied Bail As His Lawyer Drag FBI & Dubai Police | Pastor Adeboye

Hushpuppi Denied Bail As His Lawyer Drag FBI & Dubai Police | Pastor Adeboye. #hushpuppi

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  1. Fraud is a full time job yesss loll😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️


    Absolutely the pastor is correct and I support him

  3. Ugochukwu Obi

    The so called pastor, what have him said about the killing go on in Nigeria today he has say nothing,

  4. Adabor John bassey

    I support him too

  5. Agboola Adeleye

    You’re a lie I disappear stupid guy

  6. Agboola Adeleye

    I don’t still believe you

  7. May God almighty bless Pastor Adeboye, but to be honest, most of his churches member doesn't do according to what reedeem preaches, most Nigeria women in disposal who called the police and send their husband to jail are Reedeem church member not just ordinary member, they hold one post or the order in reedeem church.

  8. The suspected crime was in Dubai, if found guilty he should be tried in Dubai why taking to the United state.


    I smell goeth and going to prison for a long time , because Nigeria government is not fighting for hushpuppi release as in releasing him to his country's government too bad AMERICA is not an easy nut to crack

  10. I really do not understand why im still getting notifications for your videos. Youtube pls help!!!!

  11. Oluwaloni Bejide

    I subscribed to your post mainly because of your support for Daddy GO and your remarks to all the modern ladies who don't want to submit to their husband.

    That is the reason for broken homes and inability to sustain relationship, not only in Africa, but worldwide.

    I can't marry or stay together with a lady that has no respect for me. That relationship is not sustainable.

    As to Hushpuppi, I didn't know him until this event turned out. He should face the music and I support the decision of the court. If he is treated like a king, that will be a bad signal to the teaming youths following him on Instagram. Let everyone pay for evil doing to serve as a deter to others intending to do evil.

    Thanks for the video and vital information.

  12. Valouis ibiam

    There is nothing that disrespects a man more Dan Lack of money. Don't get me wrong but a man that provides for his family in every way possible commands the respect of his lady naturally. God blesses all Men!

  13. Oba Alayemore

    Nigeria is a usless country …even if hushpuppi is a killer …you can extradite him to other country other than his country ..then his country will not give FBI court order to extradite him to usa ..if puppi is an arab or european that will never happen …nigeria should sue UAE if nigeria is a country…all the country around the world dont respect african countries…FBI and dubai police did illegal job by taking him from usa not nigeria …i dont support crime but a good country most protect right of her citizen even their dead bodies

  14. I strongly believe what pastor say about marriage

  15. matthewc nwankwo

    I am shocked to hear that people opposed his emotional expressions towards his wife.
    I am a Christian and I can tell you that is not all about being a Christian but those are just how God/Allah has made life.
    Man is the Head and as such should be above and women should be submissive no matter how successful they are.

  16. Am in support

  17. The volume stop at 9:30

  18. Celestine Mgbeke

    Hushpuppi will not go Unpunished

  19. You talk well for this Pastor adebayo matter thank you

  20. Yes you talk well for this one oga

  21. Osagioduwa Glory

    You are a fool they don't pay dollars for house rent here it's dirhams they pay

  22. b2lethim upanddown

    adamslink am with you adeboye am with him 100 paint saint

  23. nancy naipanoi

    Stop lying everytime with Photoshop here am not a Nigerian but try to stop this!!!!

  24. Love Umoetuk

    What pastor Adeboye said is biblical. Man is the head of the family and the woman is the help, companion period.

  25. Isha Keister

    I agree with Pastor Adevayor on this matter he is very right God bless

  26. Isha Keister

    Hello my brother I love the way you present u video so understanding so keep it up thank you God bless

  27. Changez blessing

    I can see how stupid he’s lawyer he’s there is no brand that ask you to advertise them without a written document so where are those prove

  28. When I first came across Adam's channel I just didn't like it at the time, it was what a channel should never be like. I expressed my distaste and gave positive feedback and I'm glad to say that he has taken a lot of things onboard and I believe that he'll continue to get better at it.

    I'm hoping to see this fella grow into the go to place for authentic news and gossip.

    Continue growing and learning pal.👍


    Good bless pastor adeboye

  30. I am solidly behind what he said the pastor whether they are faking it or not but what he said is the truth even the Bible recommends us women to respect our husband Bc they are the head of the house

  31. Ololade Dejo-Ojomo

    You are right about relationship esp marriage. There is always sth you appreciate. One thing some of these ladies don't know is all the make up, face and butt jobs will fade but your character keeps you going. Example. The Nigeria Actor Odunlade Adekola, the wife gives him peace. Why do you think a man will have concubines and still love his wife? The reason is the wife might not be good when it come to s*x but character and respect wise she is superb. And if you were that man you would keep such woman because she is an epitome of peace. I told a girlfriend one time to work on her character. I showered this lady with natural love. Because of her I refused to have a fling in the North when I served during my NYSC. Today she is still single and searching. I tell you bro, Peace of mind respect and submission are what make sense in marriage. Someone who will not be a captain like you in the same ship. You imagine two drivers in a car, there will always be friction. The passenger-driver will want to direct you.

  32. Michael Adjuya

    He just said, step his leg……. Oga, thank you for the news but you sef learn English or just do everything in pidgin or Yoruba. And please reduce the H in your phrases, age is now Hage

  33. Some people hate to hear the truth and when they hear it they run they mouth, God bless you Daddy E. A Adeboye and i pray for the mercy and grace to speak and stand for Hushpuppi

  34. Allah bless u hush man

  35. Gabriel Agida

    Well it is written in the Ayah in the Quran am sure he got it from they may Almighty Allah make Adeboye a Muslim.

  36. All I can say about pastor Adeboyes comment is that culture and religion is killing and has being killing Nigeria for years. Women shouldn't be like a slave to their husband. His post was mostly about himself. And there is not guarantee that the wife has been happy in that marriage or he doesn't beat his wife on occasions and use the scripture to justify his actions

  37. You're stupid. This is Rkelly picture and video edit. Fool. Try edit your English too.

  38. Emmanuel Fabian

    Thanks for bringing in this pastor advice,
    To me I can't even date a disrespected lady, not to talk of marriage,
    Women should learn to be submissive

  39. Oladiran Rufus Olawuyi

    Social media influencer agrees totally, but where are the contracts papers with those brands he claims to promote. Also the email fruds where are the proof. Hmmmm

  40. Vincent Olaoya

    Pls don't go into religion politics Adeboye and others are scammer.

  41. Where is the evidences for the payments from the brands? Who is fooling who

  42. Kargbo Desmond

    Photo shop

  43. You are nama means cow, that's what you are,, why FBI one and Hushpuppi zero

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