New I Hired My Lawyer To Play Among Us

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Today we are Playing Among Us
Super Lawyer Guy Dude:

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  2. 18:12 sure it might not be the original rules but if everyone playing agrees on it and everyone's havin fun i don't see a problem

  3. So ive got a challenge fog you all. Whos been here the longest? Remember Jerome (pronounced jeremy) his twin/pet he kept in a cage

  4. I love how blade says he brought the body to "confirm" there was a murder

  5. Guts I am never wrong it is the murder
    5 seconds later: the layer was not the imposter

  6. Laywer is good but "funny" personality Jerome kills the entire thing by being the literal guy every actual good youtuber makes fun of

  7. No no no the crew mates have never been on this on the ship why does the impostor have a button to close all the doors sabotage oxygen turn off the lights can believe so oxygen can see in the dark has night vision knows about the vent if the if it was the cool mate ship they would use the vents to get the tasks done quicker every think I’ve broken when the crew mates got into the ship proved you wrong The crew mates have never been on the ship

  8. I can't believe Jerome is THAT bad at this game. It was sooo obvious that it was Gold…