New I, Larry Forman, Attorney at Law, Personally, FAILED the Field Sobriety Tests

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  1. Kellie Grase

    So counselor, should everyone refuse field sobriety tests, even if sober?

  2. One Direction huh…Zayn's awesome. Zany. Zany Animaniacs. Woohoo!

  3. Yeah. Either way they can get you. Lie about it. You're below the limit and did nothing wrong traffic wise.
    They still lie.
    It's just a state revenue service at this point. They don't really care about our safety (or they wouldn't speed thru a school zone at 80 to catch someone who coasted thru a stop sign)

  4. The Great Cornholio

    I saved $300 on my car insurance by outrunning the cops 😎🤘

  5. keturahs youtube channel

    Hi, my brother, I hope u r keeping safe out there with covid 19.

  6. Theanine- love that stuff!

  7. The trooper wrote in his report I failed the HGN and he could smell drugs on me . Wow no drugs,no alcohol and no medicine and the prosecutor declined to prosecute..but still spent two days in jail and the criminal database has the trooper's fictional writing forever . This trooper had 5 month's on the job and 24 hours of DUI training .

  8. As a dui you lawyer you should know that you CANT fail standard field sobriety…. the standard field sobriety test are not pass or fail tests….

  9. When,where and can we see the video cam of your failure on the SFST

  10. 4 and a half fingers

    The tests are given to stack evidence against you, not prove your innocence.

  11. Emmett e graves

    O I almost forgot did you see the press conference that sheriff Grady Judd of Polk county Florida after he arrested one of his own for what Judd called second degree Felony of threats on social media 😳 seriously no shit I'm pretty sure Even that deputy has a 1st amendment Right so the worst Thing Judd could have done Lawfully is fire him unless I'm wrong 😏 but I don't think so 😎👍

  12. I never made a DUI arrest where the B.A.C. was less than .08%. Maybe it is different now with cops, but I did decide not to arrest based on field sobriety tests. I refused to lie about the tests, even if I still thought the driver was DUI. At least where I worked, we could give the arrestee rides home rather than make arrests when there was drinking, but to be safe, we didn't want them to drive and didn't think they were enough under the influence to “need arresting.”

    We avoided towing vehicles as much as possible. Where I now live, the cops love towing vehicles for everything, even parking violations. My kid’s car broke down on the weekend. The cops towed his vehicle while he was working on it because it was parked for a fourth day waiting for parts.

    One time, the driver who was arrested for DUI gave the Sgt. permission to let his passenger take his vehicle, rather than have it towed. I’m glad the Sgt. made the arrest, not me. The passenger stole the vehicle and drove it from South Dakota to Texas.

  13. I was diagnosed with mild vertigo! Sometimes, when walking totally sober, I lean to the right. The next thing I know, I’m hitting bushes. Embarrassing! Sometimes, I pretend to tie my sneakers! I rarely drink and when I do, the most I can drink is a cocktail and a half! I am what they call, “light”. I would hate to take these tests! Oh, wait! I can refuse!

  14. Emmett e graves

    😂 when you said Follow my finger I got a picture of a Drunken Hypocrite Cop getting confused on a stop 🥃😵 k k k I think I member 🥃😵👉pull my finger 🤣 Cya!

  15. Emmett e graves

    Larry thanks for covering that NJ Storm trooper body cavity search you seemed mortified to say The least. You said you wanted more 👍ok so you get a good handle on the lies police training is based on search YouTube for (John Lear no plains hit the towers on 9 11) Fake foreign Terrorism + (sovereign citizens and law enforcement) fake domestic Terrorism and that's only a small portion of the training videos Larry can you say conspiracy to commit murder 😎👍 peace Bro

  16. MegaDeberry1

    Can you speak to the Life Saver alcohol interlock systems mandated by state law that people must have installed in their vehicle 1 full year for 1st offense even if the suspended license period has been completed. This device is rated to fail at .02 bac and you have to blow & hum at specific parameters for 5 secs approx 3 times within a 15 mile commute. If you fail you could have to blow while driving, in traffic 6 to 8 times. I have had multiple close call accidents because the device is so frequently intrusive and distracts from driving. Do you know about this and what is your take? So much more I could share but this for starters

  17. arthurhouston3

    Is there age limit on giving the FST

  18. Garrett Shook

    Also Joe Rogan has an awesome podcast with a defense attorney – his names escaping me.

    He goes over DUI test machine calibrations, qualified personnel, and the history of DUI tests.

  19. Sawmiller Smith

    Most senior citizens couldn't stand on one leg without falling over.

  20. Garrett Shook

    Btw, i used to be an assistant teacher at 3 different martial arts academies/ dojos. I cant one leg stand for 30 seconds because of hip issues and iliopsoas damage.
    I know brown belts who cant hop and pivot on a single foot correctly. I cant imagine how Karen would handle that balance test.

  21. Richard The Lion Hearted

    Watching you, my 17 old son was stoped. Not drinking but I told him no and he watches your channel. Got out of it and saved us lots of money and emotional hassle ❤️😂

  22. Garrett Shook

    Horizontal gaze was developed when dui limit was almost 3x the legal limit now.

    Test is b.s.

  23. Garrett Shook

    When you find out a hero doesnt study for tests.

  24. 💚🇨🇮💚.. where's the women at

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