New I'm Scared to Pay Off My Mortgage

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I’m Scared to Pay Off My Mortgage
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  1. We need a clearer picture of how much this guy has in cash reserves and other investments. I would also want to know the value of the home. If he's paying off a hypothetically rentable million dollar home, the answer will be different vs. him paying off the remaining $250K on a $300K home. Given his previous income, if this guy only has $140K sitting there after mortgage payoff, that is only like a 5 month cushion. Also, his family situation matters. If he is single, he can deal with a lot of stuff if he pays off the mortgage and it takes 5 months to find work….vs. if he has a wife and kids. Dave has given good advice. Probably best to wait and see how the job situation shakes out…then pay off the mortgage.

  2. I had the same thought before a needed hysterectomy. 10 year update…No regrets.. 🙂
    Now working on Mortgage and feel that will be the same. Do it.

  3. Honestly he could pay off his mortgage, bank that 140k and get interest, work at a freaking fast food place to cover his utilities, and pretty much be a chilled out guy

  4. I’m so confused. Why did he ask him if his credit is good? He teaches people to not have a credit card and do manual underwriting yet suggests if he needs to get another mortgage, since he has a good credit score, to use his credit score to get another mortgage.

  5. Dave I’m frightened about a Biden presidency. Should I sell my home and move to Europe?

  6. I paid off my personal home with no regrets. BUT… I owe on a couple rental homes, one is $120k and one is $350k and I have over $400k in the stock market that I can have in my hands within a day. But I get almost $2k a month in dividends that I keep reinvesting. So I could virtually pay off the mortgages and remove that expense, but then lose that income and growth too. I'd love to not have to pay mortgages monthly, but I am having trouble like this caller. I would never sit on several hundred thousand cash without it invested and working somewhere, even if it was just inflation match type stuff like a CD. Let that money work for you.

  7. Here we go again, another six figure income crying about too much money. Cry me a river.

  8. I paid off my house a few months ago. 100% debt free at 32. Feels good waking up knowing you don't owe anything to anyone

  9. Pay it off. $140,000 left over to float you for at least 5 years unemployed. A job at McDonald’s would be enough to take care everything if need be. Or listen to the morons that say keep the debt. Meanwhile you’re giving away thousands of that $140 a year in interest making bankers rich while you get more stressed about not having a job.

  10. We just paid our house off and drew a bit of our emergency fund to do it too. I can honestly say that the sense of security will be so great that you will feel good even when you don't have a job. You will seem less desperate to the interviewers too when you have a paid for house.

  11. Sooo excited for the day our mortgage will be paid off! …one bite at a time.

  12. He sounds very stress and sad about leaving his position. Dude has been very smart, income of $250k, and has saved up a lot to be able to payoff his mortgage and still have money left. I’m pretty sure leaving his job is a minor set back for a greater come back. Dave is right he can go 60-90 days without worrying too much and then he can payoff the mortgage and get that money back plus more. It’s a break and a blessing in disguise for him.

  13. Oh baby dont be scared, you're gonna keep paying for property taxes for the rest of your life, hehe 🙂

  14. Intro: 10,000,000 db, Video: 10 db. I enjoy the videos, and learn a lot but that intro gets me every time lol.

  15. I’m sitting with $120 as an emergency, owe $300 mortgage, plan on shifting all additional savings towards mortgage next year to hopefully get rid of that bad boy in 5. Can’t wait.

  16. He should pay off the mortgage and that is one less thing to worry about. What a nice problem to have.

  17. Currently, he has about $400k in the bank. Payment on the house is around $1700 per month. I wouldn’t pay it off until I got a new job, then pay it off. We paid off our house several years ago and we place the house payment into a travel fund. It is nice not to have a house payment.

  18. If I were this gentleman I would pay it off immediately. I recently went from $1200 in rent to an $790 mortgage. I paid $110k down payment so that I can lower my monthly operating costs. I'm a first time home buyer. The lower mortgage has given me a huge boost of energy and creativity. I can relax easier knowing that I don't have to wok as hard as previously when I had the $1200 rent. I am self employed and have a youtube channel. 
    The peace-of- mind is inexplicable. It's a variable that isn't discussed much because most people are swaddled with debt. I can pay off my mortgage today but I will keep savings for a rainy day as we have no idea what the rona will bring in the coming months and years. I don't have 140k to play with otherwise I would pay it off, TODAY!

  19. This is the kind of person where Dave's advice doesn't make as much sense. Pay off some if you want a lower payment, but honestly that money is better in investments, whether it be in the market, in real estate, in yourself etc. Only time it makes sense to pay it off is psychologically, because logically makes no sense, or if you are extremely risk adverse.

  20. We’ve got an inheritance coming soon and we will be paying off our $100,000 mortgage (we were already out of debt). This will still leave a fully funded emergency and some to invest…and a little for us to enjoy.
    I never imagined we’d be 40y/o with zero debt, zero mortgage, and the ability to retire by 60 as everyday millionaires.

  21. I paid my house off my house and all debts at the age of 45 and it was the biggest relief financially. There is no freedom in life if your attached to 3rd party debt.