New Immigration Q&A with Attorney Moumita, Live!

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Join Immigration Attorney Moumita as she discusses immigration. For a consultation with Moumita on your case, call (212) 248-7907.

This video does not constitute legal advice. Every case is different, and to get proper legal advice and analysis on your case please call for a consultation.

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Prior Results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Attorney Advertising. Law Firm of Moumita Rahman, PLLC 111 John Street, Suite 1670 New York, NY 10038 (212) 248-7907

Únase a la abogada de inmigración Moumita mientras habla sobre inmigración. Para una consulta con Moumita sobre su caso, llame al (212) 248-7907.

Este video no constituye asesoramiento legal. Cada caso es diferente, y para obtener el asesoramiento legal y el análisis adecuados de su caso, llame para una consulta.

Los resultados anteriores no garantizan un resultado similar. Publicidad de abogados. Bufete de abogados de Moumita Rahman, PLLC 111 John Street, Suite 1670 Nueva York, NY 10038 (212) 248-7907


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  1. Hi , my wife is having her interview this week however she speaks only spanish we my need an interpreter will one be assigned ?

  2. Hello mam.. could you please tell me..if someone come USA on student visa with their spouse (f1 and f2).can he elegibile for apply asylum in USA ? Please reply 🙏

  3. Kindly tell me my case is documentaries approved since feb 16 2021 and I am waiting for my wife interview at USA embassy Islamabad how long it takes for interview I ask NVC to give me some precise time they don’t answer moreover I am federal government employee will it helps. Thanks

  4. I'm trying to petition my wife..and daughter do i have to petition my daughter also…my 3 younger kids r u.s. citizen…my daughter is carrying my last name

  5. Hi Atty, good day my question is what are my chances of getting a visa or green card, even I've waited already 7 yrs can I still be denied?

  6. Do you have some information about TPS for Haitian. Do they receive yet documents to apply?? Let us know whenever you have this information 🙏🙏🙏