Searching for the best cryptocurrency investment strategy? You’re in the right place… Cryptomanran shares his personal journey and secrets to turning thousands of dollars into millions with the best crypto projects!




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Crypto Banter is a social podcast for entertainment purposes only.
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00:00 Show Summary & Intro
04:00 Asking the Right Questions
05:58 Bitcoin New ATH
06:58 Apple CEO Owns BTC & ETH
08:15 Media Attention Phase
10:40 GenZs Going Crypto
11:25 Internet vs Crypto Users
12:58 Total Market Caps
13:52 Inflation
14:49 Reddit
16:00 Asking the Wrong Question
18:10 Haters
19:50 Ran’s Investment Thesis
20:40 The Portfolio
21:25 The Investment Strategy
29:00 Smart Investing
32:30 Do Not Sell!!
34:30 We’re at the Beginning
36:50 Don’t Time the Market
38:00 Uber Investors
39:06 When to Sell
42:00 Patience
44:35 Identify the Narratives
45:05 Bridges & Cross-Chain Protocols
47:20 Change Your Mindset
48:30 Invest Well!

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Investing in Cryptocurrency


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