New IRS is Coming For Bitcoin & Virtual Currency (How is it Taxed?)

Avoiding taxable income from virtual currency can bring some serious consequences. If someone is paying you in Bitcoin you have to include it as a taxable event.
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Don’t be subject to penalties when you’re investing in cryptocurrency. If you own Bitcoin you have to report it.

If you receive a letter by the IRS regarding any virtual currency, it should be taken serious.

Learn more about Cryptocurrency taxes here

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  1. This is complete BS
    Trading currencies is not taxable
    Especially when you purchase a currency to protect you from a currency – the US $ that has destroyed it’s value.

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  3. The Silent One

    Funny someone wants to tax something that doesnt exist and they didnt create

  4. When cryptocurrencies decentralizes from the slavery system but tyranny chases it down.

  5. Since there's no 1099 reporting on bitcoin, this appears to be the honor system!

  6. Black Pill LoneWolf Thinker

    They want to control everone and everything

  7. If i bought bitcoin on cashapp, is that taxable? What can i do?

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  10. Wayne Douglas

    People should look into Irrevocable, qualified Trusts for differed tax breaks and now Crypto. All you need is to generate a Trust Bank account under the name of the Trust…and you are the Trustee, Didn't Buffet say, "Own nothing but control everything?"

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  12. I have a question I redeem a code for someone which was $520 and I had 570 b4 all this happen and so basically all total was 1090 but I already used my $570 that I put in along time ago and the $520 I sent back to him I just redeem it for him but does that mean I have to pay taxes for that ??

  13. Michael Peterson

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  15. StoyacLegend

    If I’m negative in bitcoin do I have to file taxes

  16. Miss Sincere

    I hate the IRS.


  18. OMG, dude, this is no difference then if you buy a used car from an individual and claim that the sale was $00.00 sale so that you do not have to pay any sales tax, so what? People put perhaps a lower sale amount on the receipt so that the buyer has to pay a lower amount in sales tax, but still everyone who buys something has to pay sales tax, so what? Again, all they're trying to do is say that Bitcoin is a valid form of currency and they just want their fair share of taxes on the sale. Can't blame the government for that and as I said earlier they are validating cryptos as a real currency.

  19. Dude! This is GREAT news for crypto's, because the government is actually acknowledging crypto's as actual transactable money. They're giving the same credibility as US dollars, rather than banning it.

  20. Benjamin Knotts

    This is why I hold

  21. Ok, if i exchange in other fiat beside dollars. are you being tax?

  22. Before this went into affect could you actually bought real estate or sold real estate and not pay capital gains?

  23. imajeff Smith

    If I grow my own little garden out back, am I supposed to pay tax on the produce I gain?

  24. No one pay taxes. Crooked ass governments

  25. Johnny Ginseng

    BS. Bitcoin and crypto is Not real money and is not taxable until you turn it into a fiat currency

  26. Angus Joe Johnson

    No, we gave them crypto being nice. Then they gave us something being nice. Not taxable.

  27. Gerald Alan May

    Fed taxes ONLY TO "subjects" (public officials, corporations, or by voluntarily consent [signature on 1040], and no one else!

  28. Seriously though, thanks for the heads up.

  29. gypsy American girl ranting

    what if someone asked me to buy for them is that illegal somebody said that they'll give me extra money if I buy Bitcoin for them can somebody tell me if that's a bad idea or not I don't know the person but he said he wants to help me I know it sounds sketchy but I lost my job and he's offering to pay me just to buy him these Bitcoins will I get in trouble

  30. What if I was gifted crypto from a program called Tipbot, would I have to claim it as well?

  31. Can I claim residency in my own tax exempt non profit?
    For example: If I buy undeveloped land as a 501c3 Environmental conservancy. (A nonprofit organization formed for the

    purpose of preserving the natural environment) , can I live there, and say it's my residency / home address?
    If so would I then need to pay property tax on the entire area of land? (East Bay Area California – Contra Costa County)

  32. Владислав Беккер

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