New Jim Bianco Conference Call – Why Aren't the Dealers Taking the Fed's Money

On March 20th, 2020, Jim Bianco held a conference call discussing the issues facing primary dealers and how the Fed is attempting to address the problem.The Fed gets an A+ for their attempts to soothe the markets so far. They have thrown the kitchen sink at the markets. Unfortunately, although the Fed has turned on the taps, someone has his foot on the hose.

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  1. Bloated Tony Danza

    Revisited bcs the repo rev market is broken asf. Thnx Jim

  2. Learnt a lot from you Jim even though I watched this more than 6 months after your analyses

  3. Astounding research and perspective on where we are in the economy and financial markets!!!

  4. How can I find more videos like this?

  5. FreemonSandlewould

    Yah. They are going to forget this. It may take a little longer but what is the choice? You are a bit of a chuckle head Jim. Some validity but some chuckle head / panicking pussy

  6. FreemonSandlewould

    This guy is taking the CIA / Mossad virus pysop HOOK LINE SINKER

  7. FreemonSandlewould

    Limited presentation skills. Annoying voice. Annoying modes of expression.

  8. FreemonSandlewould

    People who use football analogies have the intellect of people who play football. Average = dumb

  9. FreemonSandlewould

    The numbers when all said and done are going to show it's just a flu. Maybe a bad one but just the flu. And don't say you saved the day because of isolation. Everyone is going to get this that will get this. You only delay with distancing. So just sort of fuck off Bianco. You're a coward.

  10. Richard Kinch

    Puh-leeze get a cough button for your microphone.

  11. StockMarketCaddie

    Very very good analysis………..are the ETFs putting pressure on the dealers, and should they not have know the possibility of such a black swan could happen ???

  12. this guys thinks the world will punish china? should we also punish the US for leading the outbreak? we're going to spread it to the world faster than china, and china enforced government lockdowns to contain it, vs the united states is filled with people who still don't believe it's real.

  13. Most appreciated, great upload.

  14. Great work. Thanks

  15. liberoAquila

    We are still above 2007-8 highs. Stocks are still overvalued.

  16. Mike Houston

    Great video Jim, I love your insights on twitter, really useful. Thanks

  17. Concrete Charlie

    Subscribed. Thanks man

  18. Tanner Elphee

    Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

  19. robert hastings

    Nice Nice Presentation Jim!!

  20. Excellent! Thank you!

  21. Joaquim sampaio

    It is not working because the magnitudes are completely wrong… the end game is a TARP were the fed buys most of miss priced securities

  22. Daniel Crespo

    52:10 Ethics – Senators selling stocks after receive intelligence briefing.
    54:47 What if Federal Reserve Act was rewritten.

  23. the FED is just a warehouse for all shit
    all we are doing is keeping this bullshit system going

  24. Is it possible to get the slides?
    Btw, this is the best video I have ever seen explaining how fed and markets function. Outstanding job.

  25. You need more subs immediately

  26. Amit Thakkar

    Awesome content, Jim. Keep up the good work! Thanks

  27. Jason Anderson

    This video has been insanely helpful. Thank you.

  28. brilliant

  29. Santiago Velez

    The next global digital asset will be XRP because it's regulatory compliant, has the fastest TPS, & is designed to operate with Interledger Protocol. It also is environmentally compliant & Ripple working with Central Banks, remittance operators, and banks already. ILP doesn't force people to hold any particular asset so there will no longer be hegemony, this is a paradigm change. Everything will become interoperable.

  30. Santiago Velez

    If not China, it will be spread to south east Asia then Africa. It will NEVER come back to the United States because our only value here is money and profits demand maximization. Resiliency will only be surface deep. Structural change is needed.

  31. Santiago Velez

    Excellent breakdown, thank you!

  32. Best content. Thank you jim

  33. Why is Jim coughing?

  34. great stuff Jim, appreciate your thoughts

  35. Thanks for all the great work and research you put out here, on Twitter, and elsewhere.

  36. Ryan MacInroy

    Didn't JPM force the fed to engage in Repo operations back in September? Could they be the ones causing the liquidity issues?

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