New Jordan Peterson's Marriage Advice #marriage2021 #divorce2021 #jordanpeterson

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Do you agree or disagree with Jordan Peterson? Should you get married? Call in to tell us your ideas, beliefs, and perspectives!

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#marriage #divorce #jordanpeterson2021 #relationships2021 relationshipadvice #relationshipadvice2021


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  1. Men will continue to get married because men created marriage, lol.

  2. Hey, I thought you were the lead attorney! How could your entire case hinge on isolating one idea from its larger context then contradicting it, especially when you detest the progenitor of the idea? If you were subject to cross-examination, any counsel worth his salt would have you contradicting yourself inside of five minutes. C’mon, man, with thinking like that, you might be needing a demotion to second chair! In fact, are your bars dues up to date? Just kidding. You are The Lead Attorney! I came because of Kwame but I subscribed because of you! Love your videos, brother. Can’t wait for you to expand your talks beyond the penumbra of the law. Peace.

  3. Kevin Samuels destroyed multiple attorneys on his show. I don't think you need to okay Devil's advocate, you just need to find those clips.

    Also, on YouTube as long as you have a $150+ mic, it's going to sound the same as all of the other high-end mics. There's is absolutely no difference in sound quality. The difference in mic quality is when you do a podcast or radio. I think you said that you have a Rode mic, and that's more than likely a condenser microphone. Condenser microphone aren't good for podcast. You need a dynamic microphone for podcast. The Shure sm7b is a great microphone for that. Since you're not a singer, talk show host, or movie producer, you should get a refund on that mic.

    By the way, you have to buy a cloudlifter for the Shure mic if you're going that route, but in podcast a mic will make or break you.

  4. About fourteen minutes in and I’ve heard nothing mentioned about a marriage plan. I’d like to get married in the future, but it’s going to be to suitable qualified prospect that understands that we’re part of an advancing family tapestry. She has to understand that our marriage is bigger than us. It essentially about passing effective values and wealth (in many forms) to our descendants, perpetually. Any objections counselor?

  5. Hey Jordan Peterson, Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Stay off that 🤬 you smoking.

  6. Who the hell is Jordan Peterson married to⁉️ “Helen Keller”‼️
    Tell his wife to become friends with these modern women and he’ll get a serious wake up call.

  7. Ahhh, last time I checked, Jordan Peterson is a white nationalis, so there's that! He's only a professor from Toronto (UofT), like me, so he's made a lot of money being an obnoxious white man for a few years now #imjustsayin #DontDrinkTheKoolAid