New Judgment Really Is Yakuza + Ace Attorney

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Yes, Judgment feels like Yakuza, and yes it feels like Ace Attorney. But by feeling like both, it feels entirely unlike anything else.

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  1. well if am in court and dont have some psycho attacking me with a whip or a scary guy with a visa who thow hot coffee at me i shall not be happy lol and so help me if i cant point and cast magic wind at them

  2. I'd say it's Yakuza meets L.A Noire 'cause Ace Attorney doesn't have action-adventure gameplay.

  3. As much as I love Kamurocho, honestly feel like it should have been let go along with Kiryu. I'm afraid that eventually the bottom is going to drop out, and people are going to start moving on with how samey the games start to feel, especially in rapid succession. While I'll personally keep buying, hate to see it fade away right when it's starting to get it's recognition.

  4. Can we also travel to Sotenbori city? If not then it's more less content than YK2 and I'm gonna pass on this.

  5. So, we basically get the same game in the new wrapping? Don't Sega get tired of being too repetitive with series like this?

  6. Nope. It plays more like LA Noire. I cannot see any Ace Attorney references.

  7. Its not really like ace attorney way more la noire the tone and things you do in the context screams la noire to me

  8. I hope they will release it for PC, and also the title Judgement, reminds me of Judgement Kazzy and his favorite song : Judgement! 😂😂

  9. I got nothing wrong with games being alike but I prefer new experiences, I'm pumped for Judgment but the difficulty I find in spotting differences isn't a positive by any means

  10. So is this set in the same universe as the previous main-line Yakuza games?

  11. Secretly I still hope Kiryu will return one more time 'cause he was still alive at the end of yakuza 6. Would he leave everyone behind letting Haruko and othere think he's dead? But I will buy judgement for sure and play it. I also hope Yakuza 3,4&5 will be released in the west too.

  12. Hopefully not too much hand holding when it comes to doing the investigative work otherwise it becomes redundant.

  13. I am towards the end of Yakuza Kiwami and while I enjoy it, the gameplay feels a bit old (which is normal as the original game is, indeed, old). I don't necessarily have the motivation to do the other 5 games (or even just a handful of them), but I am definitely interested in Judgment and will buy it on release

  14. I can't wait for this I love the Yakuza series and murder mystery is one of favorite subject matters.

  15. Someone say Ace Attorney, I am in. Also its hilarious that they modelled him after Takuya Kimura.