New Kerala Woman Sold Her Goats to Donate Money For Covid 19 Vaccine Fund

Subaida has sold her only asset, her four goats to help fund the Kerala govt’s free COVID-19 vaccination efforts. The elderly woman, who runs a tea shop to earn a living in Kollam, donated Rs 5501 towards the Kerala CM’s Relief Fund. The state govt has started a crowd-funded campaign to help authorities buy vaccines in bulk.
#KeralaVaccineChallenge #VaccineChallenge

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  1. The chief minister"s residence will be renovated with 98 lakh.( News :27/05/2021)

  2. Mahesh Narayanaswamy

    Is it right to treat animals as a commodity?They do have feelings and pain… That poor animal is about to get it's throat slit… Please stop animal cruelty…

  3. Where did she sell the poor goats??😠😠

  4. Harshit Garg

    you are killing voiceless animals for money and taste , you don't care about those poor animals , the pandemic have happned because of you eating non vegan products and it will again come if you will not stop

  5. So nice of her

  6. So nice of her pior helping the pior

  7. Jonas Of Kochi

    Wise words from her to fellow Indians.. May God bless..

  8. 🙏🙏🙏

  9. Aysha Thasni

    Janaradharanan also has to be praised

  10. proud machine


  11. Joe Ariaratne

    I really hope Pinroy Vijayan use those funds unlike the last time where the centre had to withdraw the okhi fund due to malpractice involved by CPIM

  12. Ryan Rodrigues


  13. Miss Kurdapya

    God bless her heart

  14. This support is not enough .this video deserve million views

  15. Hello Crux….here you have your next subject for a video…..There is a guy from Canada collecting money for Covid in India on you tube with a fake org in the name of "project hope", using their logo…. the name of the channel is "Yes Finders", and the guy behind have another channel called "Daddy Spectacular", it is the same voices. in the video asking for donations have all the links to the Streamlabs charity page…..take care of India,….good luck

  16. Sameera Ansar

    We need to help her to buy goats, when the crisis is over. God loves her!

  17. Sameera Ansar

    I want to give her a HUG.

  18. ajas shamsudheen

    Give charity it will multiply your asset

  19. Subaidumma rich by 💓 heart

  20. Shriya Mishra

    And youth donating mony of his father's to so called gamers live streamers who plays games , just to see their name on screen….🙂my india is great but sorry to say…chutiyo ki tadad bahut hi jyada h

  21. Tq from Malaysia

  22. Belal Hossain

    Angel in guise of Zubaida…most respectful in the Eyes of Allah. Allah Bless her. Allah Hafez. Remember Allah Swt and Allah will remember you.

  23. Wait…govt offered free vaccine for all from 2nd may…
    Then women give money to what govt…
    India or pak govt ?

  24. adithi salian

    and still the rich don't donate and tell others to

  25. Another one is happened in kerala that a labour whoes life time savings of 2 lakh of bank balance is fully given to CMDRF for participating in vaccine challenge. He called the bank and asked, how much money is there in his account. Person replied about 2 lakh and 540 rupees only. He said to transfer 2 lakh…

  26. Respect is paid but at what costs
    PM cares fund amount is neither disclosed nor we have an estimate
    So the amount is mostly used for beard oil and no one can challenge this😑

  27. I like how some people are getting offended by her name and gets triggered when they hear the word ‘Kerala’ 😂😂

    Eppom enikanno brandhu alengil nattukarkanno brandhu pidichathu 😆😆

  28. andeep kumar prince

    We can overcome this pandemic by our little effort to help somebody. There is not a single person that can't say that they have nothing to help but they should have courage to doing so. Our little contribution can save at a person life as I see people discriminate Covid patients, we all know this virus is very deadly but such of behaviour reduce our effort.

  29. Kerela ppl are just from difficult world omg love them

  30. India 9unknown

    Political gimmick by communist jihadi team

  31. Kerala is filled with idiots. The vaccine will eventually be given for free. These hard earned money will get into the pockets of commi comrades. Commis Inspite of no development continues to fool public. There is still no info on how the flood relief money was spend with news of a few party comrades siphoning off money .

  32. 🙏❤️🙏

  33. Don't sale your goat to abdul😓😓😓😓

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