New Kevin Hart Just Shouted out Bitcoin and other Crypto. (MDA Telethon Cryptocurrency Donations)

Kevin Hart, while hosting the Live MDA Kids Telethon shouted out Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, first referring to them as “voodoo money”. Support MDA’s Telethon by donating crypto here:

Donate Bitcoin to Nonprofits here:
Accept Bitcoin Donations here:
Check out the Telethon here:


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  1. brad fenderz

    Bitcoin 🥳

  2. f&_$ing gold!!!!! this video will go viral beyond viral

  3. raymond nichols

    Elrond will have a thousand times the gains of btc. 260,000 transactions a second compared to 20

  4. Junior Ducatel

    Yall need to slow down. Crypto is ofcourse legit but if the more wealthy of us keep finding out faster than the average person like me…it might be to late for us to atleast own 1 whole bitcoin. There are only 21 million bitcoin and so far the blockchain has reached 19million in creation. There is not enough for everyone so I hope that with all this news as people finally start realizing its legitemacy that some of us little fish can own more than just fractions of a whole bitcoin. Seems the race is on. What country will embrace crypto the best and who will allow innovation to bring exponential growth to their nation? So far American regulations are running people away with trying to take advantage of peoples gains so im going to have to assume the old folks thats are in power dont have the foresight to see how much more wealth they could bring to the whole country including themselves as oppose to just filling their own pockets via they ridiculous and archaic rules. Let the race begin….no one wanted to be first. I think its safe to say no one wants to be last either. Good luck people because we all have a chance to take advantage of a system that gives us more freedom with our finance and who knows what else may be derived from the technology because most folks dont know that Blockchain technology caters to a lot more than just some monetary related digital assets. Change is coming and people are noticing. PCE!

  5. Bitcoin is digital gold😂

  6. Come thru Kev!

  7. Brighton Dupuis

    Check out fic its going to be big

  8. Shanna Linton

    Omg I couldn't stop laughing😂! Welcome to the Crypto World Kev!!

  9. Fernando Preciado

    we do take the voodoo…

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