New Kyle Rittenhouse's $2M Legal Funds Won His Case, Argues Attorney

‘Kyle Rittenhouse beat his case because he put on the best defense money can buy,’ argues attorney Paul Butler in his latest Washington Post column. Butler joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Kyle Rittenhouse’s $2M Legal Funds Won His Case, Argues Attorney


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  1. There's a new one semi assult weapon go back to have that to our terms of stupidity and assault weapon is this something that has automatic and semi-automatic fire that is used by the actual military get right

  2. Hilton Hoskins

    Yeah they was able to buy the judge with it. I seriously wonder about the judge's background who presided over this case. Also, yes his defense was the best money could buy but his defense was paid for by racist bigoted opportunists so they could profit from his not guilty verdict.

  3. People believe everything that comes from these networks……amazing.

  4. MSNBC is populated by psychopaths who care nothing about human beings or the truth, but their own agenda. Pure evil, pure maliciousness.

  5. Jesper Pedersen

    Such garbage. They keep doubling down on the misinformation. He wasn’t patrolling the streets playing law enforcement. He was just running between two business he had promised to protect, because the police barricade didn’t let him return to his original location.

  6. victor urbina

    Protest??? Okay…..

  7. He had the facts on his side. Sometimes that's helpful. If you want fact based news don't watch this source.

  8. Dustin Bates

    Literally the only people who thought it was a guity verdict only watches msnbc or cnn.

  9. 2Bhonest 2Bhonest

    MSNBC makes me want to think of Kyle as a hero. Unbelievable the lies and spin they put on a case that’s entirely on video for all to see


  11. The Dislikes ratio this video is crazy lol

  12. Richard Iwanski

    just see because he was you pre judge him even all the evidence showed not guilty basically same as the men found guilty three men chasing him and three men chasing Kyle that was felons and one a child molester but as always mainstream media left side news reporting spreading hate and division in america you should be ashamed of yourself

  13. Van Cape Town

    I uuuum…… So what he could afford a lawyer🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  14. richietwoshoes

    This is very hard to watch and listen

  15. Original Gamer

    "LET'S GO KYLE".

  16. richietwoshoes

    If he was home praying ,,there would two people still alive, also the Judge that heard that case should be filling potholes, money buys eveything,

  17. Scott Giltner

    We are all now dumber for watching this!

  18. aSneeKee MoFo


  19. Wait until fake news MSNBC get served in a lawsuit for 100s of millions of dollars for MSDNC lies, slander, defamation and intimidation of the jury.

  20. Yall gonna get sued the hardest lmao

  21. Carol Crockett

    He walked because he was innocent.

  22. Don't worry msnbc and other outlets will be sued for defamation.. Start focusing on truth and stop creating divison..
    Operation mocking bird is what people really should look into.. the media is controlled

  23. Froward Thinker

    This man is barely able to speak. Does he have brain damage?

  24. Froward Thinker

    0:51 and how exactly do you know that's what the jury thought? Did you ask them?

  25. MS13nbc

  26. MS13nbc 👍🏻

  27. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    only a complete moron would celebrate this clear tragedy by making this guy a hero.

  28. “As much as any other factor.” Keep telling yourself that, lunatic.

  29. So basically if Rittenhouse did not have the resources the prosecution could have railroaded him.

  30. Michael Pearson

    Aside from self defense, it may be that defamation and intimidating the Jury to overthrow a verdict is the exact reason that MSDNC was thrown out of Court.
    Insurrection 2.0
    You've made Kyle a rich man.

  31. Scott Weaver

    No the truth not your lies won this case. You are a clown show

  32. Sturdy Thorpe

    Lawyer up Kyle. Sue this network into bankruptcy.

  33. Coming from the same news media who got banned from the court room trying to get pics of the jury? Oh yeah, let’s really listen to them.

  34. Krista Lorna

    Liberals are such little mentally I'll soft people. Literally all of you are super weirdos and and borderline mentally I'll lol. Just go to school and be normal get nutrient for your brains and stop doing drugs.

  35. Kyle is going to NBC soon

  36. Except what they’re not telling you is that you were already invited to bear arms by the constitution and that Mr. Rittenhouse is not wealthy. He is from a low income family and that he only had those funds is because of Americans who saw on video that he had to defend himself and that the media was lying

  37. Kyle Rittenhouse has blood on his hands. Despite whatever any news outlet says. He has blood on his hands and there's no amount of money – or fake support from white supremacists, that can change that. When it's all said and done, he has to live with himself and the dreadful burden of murder.

  38. Thomas Taylor

    Kyle stopped a lynching. Killed two of the ringleaders of the lynch platoon. Saved the victim too. Unfortunately, Democrats were on the side of the lynchers. If somehow Emmett Till escaped his lynching, the Democrats would have put him on trial too, for not freely allowing himself to get murdered

  39. Ultimate Otaku

    I wish news stations actually reported news and not the BS narrative

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