New Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine – guitar duo – mortgage on your soul

from album : Twin-House , Guitar Duos , 1977 WEA Musik
original song from Keith Jarrett + Charlie Haden + Paul Motian + Dewey Redman , album Birth 1972
original sound of album ATLANTIC ALT 50 342
text : Mike Hennessey Editorial Director Jazz Journal International


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  1. Summit !

  2. Sonja van Hoorebecke

    I nearly wept with joy finding this.
     When I was a boy my older cousin Ian was a huge fan of this album and taught me (approx 12 years old) to play the repeating theme on acoustic guitar for him while he solo'd over the top. Ian died suddenly a couple of years ago – and I'd been looking for this track but I couldn't remember the song title or the album. I wanted to remember him when he was my 'big cousin' who was crazy about guitar music. Thanks for posting this. It brought back many happy memories.

  3. Thanks for making this available. I have the vinyl LP buried in a tub somewhere, and it's been since I was single that I listened to this tune. Saw Larry and the Eleventh House loud and live in Evanston in 1975.

  4. the whole album is AWESOME!!!

  5. Tu as tout à fait raison !! Je les ai vu en concert au mois de mai 1977 à Bruxelles interpréter certains des morceaux de l'album et j'en garde un magnifique souvenir …

  6. John Fogarty

    Awesome song from an amazing album. Thanks for the upload.

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