New Last Week in Crypto – US Deficit Up 100X to $863B (BTC's Secret Ally?)

This is the first episode of a weekly cryptocurrency news series called Last Week in Crypto.

We cover the latest global news stories affecting the cryptocurrency markets July 5th through 10th of 2020.

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======== TABLE OF CONTENTS ========

00:00 – Introduction
00:47 – Market Movements
00:53 – Top Gainer: Elrond Due to Mainnet Launch Date
01:11 – Strong Altcoin Rally Helps Pump Bitcoin
01:42 – TikTok Influencer Sparks Dogecoin Buying Spree
02:23 – Teens Declare War Against Trump after Republicans Call to Ban TikTok
03:45 – Generation Z’s Power for Blockchain Revolution as the First True Digital Natives
04:37 – New Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Aims to Create Bitcoin Awareness
06:09 – Internet Service Providers Starting to Censor the Internet
06:50 – China Places Restrictions on Large Cash Withdrawals
08:16 – $100k of USDC Frozen at Law Enforcement’s Request
09:14 – Argentina Sets New Bitcoin Trading Record as Economy Worsens
10:34 – How Bitcoin is Used for Survival in Other Countries
11:54 – US Budget Deficit Hits a Record $863 billion, 100X Increase in a Year
12:16 – Gold Prices Hit a 9-Year High Due to Central Banking Stimulus
12:30 – Bloomberg is Bullish on Bitcoin, “Digital Gold”
13:35 – Coinbase Preparing for Stock Market Listing

======== VIDEO SUMMARY ========

Hello, I’m Crypto Casey and welcome my new video series: Last Week in Crypto.

Dogecoin’s trading volume surged over 683% after popular TikTok influencer James Galante challenged his followers to buy Dogecoin in an attempt to pump the price to $1 per coin so they could “all get rich.”

Generation Z has declared war on the Trump administration after Republicans called to ban the TikTok app.

A group called Ideas Are Like Flames created an initiative called the “Bitcoin Awareness Game,” that incentivizes people to place Bitcoin-related stickers in places all around the world.

In this article that came out Thursday, around 70 million people in 3 provinces in China will be subjected to cash withdrawal restrictions.

Argentina had a record-setting Bitcoin volume of 101 million Argentine pesos, which is roughly $1.4 million USD.

We saw the US Budget Deficit hit a record $863 billion in June, which is a 100X increase from just a year ago.

Gold hit a 9-year high supported by the prospect of a lengthy period of government stimulus to support economies harmed by the Covid crisis.

Coinbase started plans for a stock market listing that could come as early as this year, making it the first major US cryptocurrency exchange to go public.


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