New Law Firm Of Disgraced Attorney Thomas Girardi Goes To Auction

The office of disgraced high profile attorney Thomas Girardi, accused of defrauding his clients to the tune of millions, is being auctioned off to pay creditors after he was forced to file for bankruptcy last year.


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  1. Scott Anderson

    His shady dealing with a case against NBC landed his no talent wife a spot on Housewives. Hope it was worth it.

  2. What a way to end your career. Disgraceful conduct

  3. Looks like, KARMA got him! He was disbarred, hurray!

  4. Эдуард Лутков

    Law says nothing when propaganda says. Every judge has their opinion. Propaganda makes opinion. The jury voted against, oh that is justice.

  5. Let's be real. Most lawyers do their job based on self interest, rather than what is right and just for their clients. A lot of them have no issues defending criminals despite in full knowledge the crimes and the criminals having no shame of their actions. Very few lawyers are genuine and not just for their income.

  6. Just crap he doesnt want anyway…he kept all his clinton crap

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