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John Barilaro has filed a defamation suit against Jordan.

Can Jordan get his hands on some documents?

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We Called John Barilaro’s Lawyer:
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  1. A rare mixture of smugness and stupidity… look forward to seeing how this pans out.

  2. I heard Dyson Heydon will be appointed to the Royal Commission into Illegal Non-Liberal Propaganda – I'm sure he has a feel for this sort of thing…

  3. Jordie fans! I need you! Does anyone know where I can find the collaboration video of Jordan, where he dresses up as a mermaid in a spoof advertisement for tourism? I have had many cold and sleepless nights trying to find it! Help! I have a mighty need!

  4. Fella I think this is the wrong time to be making content for us, good luck to ya

  5. Two facts
    Friendly Jordie isn't funny, never has been.
    Friendly Jordie is going to be bankrupt after this case.

  6. soooo

    among the other things which should also be entertaining;
    he has to prove, in court, that your claim(s) that he is corrupt, is false?

    oh dis gon be good

  7. Should we be worried about the lack of new content this week, or is Jordan working extra-hard on epic take-down vids?

  8. Time to come clean, Jordan who do you go for in state of origin?
    (Note: the blues are superior)

  9. The two people attempting to serve you documents are process servers and likely to not have anything to do with the lawyers office. They are separate contractors and just trying to do their job. Pick a fight with the lawyers and bruz but not the process servers. (FYI, I do hate process servers but usually because they are incompetent).

  10. Oh wow, you really have no idea what you are doing do you. This is going to be amazing watching you self destruct from this level of smugness & ignorance.

  11. Your desperation is delicious to witness. Gary Orsum has, again, handed your arse to you in a video about this but you still carry on in complete ignorance and hubris. Maybe, inbetween legal proceedings, you may get time to counter Gary's video with some type of argument about you literally not understanding anything about defamation.

  12. New content is taking longer to arrive then it took for you to be served

  13. You complete f**king moron Jordies!!! Your bunch of juvenile virgin followers are gonna need a pile of money to bail you out of this one, assuming they'll be that stupid to do so of course! Stepping in shite is bad enough but deliberately doing so over and over again and having it all recorded for the benefit of who is suing you is only what an immature mindless fool would do. Good luck in the future buddy, lawyers don't come cheaply and they'll take you to the cleaners even before your 99% likelihood of losing this particular case!

  14. i dont think legally you have to be handed the documents, if they are place in front of you and you are present than thats legal…….. again no lawyer tho.

  15. Do Bruz and the Monaro farming systems funding rort, please!!! Whenever I see his face now the Mario music starts playing in my head 😂🤣😁

  16. And there's more, bruz lashed out at the minister Victor Dominello in text messages

  17. Oh no it's been 5 days since his last upload. Has Frenly Jimmies been cancelled once and for all?

  18. So who hired the hitman? Was it the national party / ABC / channel 9 / fairfax / liberal party / clive palmer / his mum / waleed aly / mining council / channel 7 / news corp / sky news or channel 10?

  19. Oh Christ the hand bit got me, I'm in tears. The poor bastard when he just throws the papers on the floor, like holy shit, you can tell he's just having the worst day and I kinda love it XD

  20. This is actually a very childish display on your part Jordan. You should have respect for judicial process. I would suggest you seek proper representation.