New LAWYER EXPLAINS | Emergency Money for the People Act Details | $2,000 Stimulus

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Lawyer gives an update with additional details on the Emergency Money for the People Act. In this video I’m going to give you a summary of the additional key points you need to know regarding the new bill. $2,000 a month per eligible person, guaranteed for at least 6 months (meaning $12,000). If this bill is passed, that means if you’re eligible you’d be guaranteed AT LEAST $12,000 and perhaps more depending on a few things. It’s called the Emergency Money for the People Act.

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Full text of the bill can be found here –



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  1. Why is it, The people on disability
    And dssi get the short end of this
    Matter. I mean 1200, Once a year is
    Not going to make much of a
    Difference. A monthly check of 750
    Dollars, does not go far. After bills
    Are paid , there's not much left. God
    Forbid , If there is unexpected things. We who have a low income
    From " The Gov " , Can barely make
    It to the next month. Just my own
    Opinion. God Bless.

  2. We need 2000 a month for 6 to 12 month. Same for the unemployed. Stop the 600 federal payment with the unemployment because the 2000 a month would be enough as long as the unemployment is continued for the same 4 to 6 month period for the unemployed. Pay an extra 500.00 for each child up to 3 kids. Also pay our rent and mortgages for 6 months for all of us making less than 50,000 a year. We need help now, today. We are suffering. The rich do not need anything else. Forget the special interest group and help (we the people)!!!

  3. Better $2k monthly starting July to Dec 2030 plus 4 months retro from March to [email protected] equals 8k grand total is 20k should be given to everyone

  4. ok this is my take on this bill mind you i am not endorsing any political partys or ideas. i call this the carrot on a stick bill. its very very simple the democrats want it passed pre election.republicans want it post election. if its passed pre election it will be geared towards paying out to individuals. if its post election it will be geared towards business stimulus the democrats want to secure votes now to keep control of the house. the republicans want to stall to use traction to gain control of the house. if thy succeed they will have have unchecked power to pass bills they want. " health insurance social security and what ever they deem to be appropriate" this CRAP about 0% interest from the treasure office is just a buzz word for lets stall and say go big thus giving the political system more time to do the dirty PEOPLE VOTE AND REMEMBER BUYER BEWARE ! TY FOR YOUR TIME

  5. Thanks for all the great information that you are providing. Since you had access to the draft bill and have read it, I want to ask a question about my eligibility and if the bill addresses my situation. My AGI is normally not even a quarter of the limit. It was that level in 2018 and will return to that level in 2020. However, in 2019 I transferred my 401K into a Roth 401K. When you do this you owe taxes on the gains that the 401K made in the years prior to the transfer. Even though I don’t have access to this money until I retire, it shows up in my 2019 AGI. It’s just the way the IRS handles it. So is there any provision in the bill for people who fall into that category? Will they just look at my AGI and say that I don’t qualify or is there a provision for people whose AGI got artificially bumped up for one year even though the individual has no access to that money? I’m sure this situation isn’t totally uncommon since anyone who moved a 401 into a Roth 401 in 2019 would fall into this unfortunate situation. I’m married, filing jointly.

  6. Im a stay at home grandmother i dont make enough to file taxes so this has been hard without income .i thank you for all your easy understand info. How to recieve if we are non filers would be helpful.

  7. More money to the people means more the government can take from us. It means we essentially become 'In-bondage' to high and mighty big brother. NO thanks. Open up the economy and let's do this the right way. We don't need an introduction to socialism.

  8. I agree there should be a second stimulus. But this proposal is insanity and does not stand a chance of passing.

  9. I enjoy your videos. They are both entertaining and informative. I feel they are non biased and give reasonable expectations. I am glad I have found your channel and am a subscriber.

  10. My husband is not in the country (USA.) For that reason, we did not file together. But, he is not a citizen of America. Since I am alone, I filed single, does that still be excluded from the original stimulus?

  11. Erika I have a college student who is now living with me does she have to file for stimulus on her own?

  12. I think you're the first channel I've found who gives actual updates, thank you! Your explanations are really thorough and make all of this easy to understand. I hope this passes.

  13. (ง ͠° ͟ʖ #)ง Today is May 7th & I still haven't received my $1, 200 economic impact payment.
    I'm in Hawaii 🌴🌊🌴

  14. I hope it passes because God knows we need that money, but why do you get our hopes up high and then you don't even know if it's going to pass or not I would rather you let us know when it passed instead of you racing up our hopes and not getting it.

  15. I am confused about the stimulas package as well. I know as a fact that this country profited well over 100rds of Trillion of dollars off the backs of
    black African Americans

  16. am so confused does irs work with the soc sec because i went to the irs website and put in my info even though i heard i dont have to do a thing . just trying to get my money am on ssd really need it badly….still waiting for the first one last thing i hope sence am on ssd it will put in my bank am over seases

  17. If bill passes . What if claimed dependents don't have disabilities do they still qualify for $2000

  18. Do people receiving social security disability qualify for $2000 if the bill is passed?

  19. I think you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. What is your background? Filipino? Thai??

  20. my statement that i wanna say : get back our jobs or give us new stimulus emergency check!
    now mostly all american no income yet have to pay bills.

  21. If this doesn't pass, vote the assholes in the House and Senate that voted against it out of office in November! Also, write your local reps and senators and let them know you'll do so. Time to make these lawmakers ACTUALLY represent the people they're supposed to represent! 84% of Americans want it, nuff said.

  22. i might be wrong on this but i don't think we will get that 2,000 stimulus of new money the reason ? Because we already are Trillions dollars in debt and it sounds to good to be true for these Politicans to vote to give us another stimulus where the President either to veto it ? or to except it ? Knowing how partisan politics is so volatile that you know That the Bureaucratic Mentality is the only Constant in the Universe !

  23. Liked and subbed. Can't wait till I get it. Anyone heard of Nesara? I think is starting? And when did the feds ever extend tax deadline to 7/15? I think President Trump just ended the fed. So I'm thinking this is the last year we pay taxes.