New LAWYER EXPLAINS: Second $1,200 Stimulus Check and Stimulus Package Update – The Next 48 Hours Matter

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Lawyer explains what’s actually happening with stimulus check/stimulus package updates.


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  1. Hey young lady missed you haven't had an update since last month " What am I doing wrong "

  2. I've missed you Erika haven't gotten your latest stimulus update please update me

  3. Hello there my dear friend. It’s me your buddy your blind friend In Humble Texas. Just wondering how come I have not listened to your updates on YouTube. I don’t trust any of the other guys. Especially Jimmy. Hoping to hear some good news soon. God bless

  4. Thank you for the updates and info! I really appreciate it! We’ve missed you!! Where ya been? Hopefully all is well!

  5. OMG Love the videos. But Until we are getting one why with the updates? It sounds the exact same as every other Update. These idiots are selfish.. PERIOD. Keep up the Good work Erika.

  6. Does people that owe child support will they get the stimulis check this time ???

  7. Erika I'm sorry Im still trying to learn this Gmail I haven't been ignoreing your text you have emailed me I will get it figured out thank you very much

  8. Hi Erika, nice to see you hope you and your family doing ok. Be safe and God bless you.

  9. Erika- Pelosi and Mnuchin can agree all they want but you know good and well since McConnell isn't involved in their negotiations he will DOA anything they pass.

  10. Democratic speak just held the government and the people hostage. Thats all.

  11. They need to fire all of tbe democrats and Republicans. start over with fresh new people in their. who can do it quickly. instead of acting like children

  12. They just need to get it done and stop messing around people are suffering right now because of this pandemic and people are also losing there homes because of this run around and them dragging there feet

  13. They need to do this for ALL AMERICANS EQUALLY!


  14. Wow I was worried that I didn't have your updates anymore so glad to see and hear from you Erika God Bless you and keep you safe Awesome and Amazing as usual you go young lady.

  15. The government don't care about us and Tupac said it best they don't give a fuk about us