New Lawyer Fees in Injury and Car Accident Claims (Ultimate Guide)

This is the ultimate guide on personal injury attorney fees and costs in 2021 (and beyond). We’ll look at lawyer fees on many of my settlements for car accidents, slip and falls, and other injury cases.

You will see how much each case settled for, and how much the client got in his/her pocket.

Moreover, I explain how much lawyers take from a settlement.

You’ll also see costs that attorney’s cannot charge for. Knowing this information can stop your lawyer from overcharging you. And it may put a lot more money in your pocket.

You’ll also see how having a lawyer can result in you getting more money in your pocket.

The clients’ net payout in the settlements in this video doesn’t include interest on loans that they took.

Here are timestamps to just a few parts of the video:

0:00 Intro
0:28 How much can injury lawyers charge?
0:53 Attorney fees ($300K car accident payout)
4:25 Lawyer fees ($260K Uber car accident settlement)
6:15 Attorney fees ($250K slip and fall payout)
7:53 Lawyer fees ($170K car accident settlement)
9:05 Attorney fees ($125K GEICO car accident payout)
10:16 Lawyer fees ($100K GEICO car accident settlement)
11:43 Attorney fees ($100K motorcycle accident payout)
14:34 Lawyer fees ($90K payout for pedestrian hit by car)
17:38 Attorney fees ($70K Lyft accident settlement)
19:19 Lawyer fees ($50K Motorcycle accident payout)
20:10 Attorney fees ($20K GEICO accident settlement)
22:08 Ask lawyer to tell you before paying a big cost
22:14 Attorney needs client’s consent to sue
23:08 Ask attorney if they’ll itemize EVERY cost in closing statement
24:15 Health insurance may be required to reduce its lien if you have a lawyer
25:10 Attorney can’t charge you for Medpay settlement
25:42 Will you get less money than the attorney’s fee?
27:43 Lawyer can’t charge to reduce your medical bills (Example from $33K payout)

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  2. Im confused the value in the case where the other person was fault. Justin …their policy is 30/60/30. I am in treatment. I figure with lawyer fees, my car got totled( im under 10,000.00 in that btw) and treatment should i be happy just to just break even? please respond and BTW the airbag DID not deploy. i was hit head i said my car was totaled with injuries

  3. but that uber driver had a 1mil uim! why only 260k ?

  4. Thank you! Are there any books or materials that you recommend regarding the topic of medical bill reduction? Because I work at a Law Firm in Texas & would love to learn more. Also of possible please create malpractice & products liability videos! Thank you for these videos they are genius!

  5. Boss Lady 2021

    You are great lawyer for telling us the honest truth

  6. Chadi Bouzoubaa

    Hey man, i would really appreciate your response for my case, i was riding my motorcycle and a public transportation bus ( PSTA) turned and my line when i was cruising, the bike is completely destroyed. I got the police report and it says that the bus driver is at fault. I don’t have major injuries, nothing broken and my question is how much settlement do you think i should get and i’m also worried about medical bills and i’ve seen in your videos that your clients medical bills are very cheap is it because you negotiate to drop the price?

  7. AndrewQuiroz24

    What does it mean when you say before a lawsuit is filed?

  8. Can I get more if I'm the one who got all of my medical records on my own to give to my lawyer ? Plus I've done most of the retrieving of my medical records.

  9. Is it good to have a repeat attorney to represent you in a auto collision 💥 🤔

  10. How much fees for lawyer in bike accident claims…Claims money 6,12336.

  11. Great video I was injured in Florida and your videos help me with understanding the process.

  12. Tammy Adams528

    Outstanding. love it.

  13. Michael Seddens

    I need Lawyer because I was in a accident were car into me but the driver and the police didn't know I was under DOJ watch sync

  14. DRE Williams

    Hi Justin I been watching your videos for 2 weeks now and they are very valuable..I have 2 situations going on right now…first..I have an attorney for my bodily injury cases which just settle for 25k however….he's telling me he's in a dog fight with Medicaid they have all my medical bills all 240k of them…I'm should kno accident related care 240k is from 2015 to present…I I sign my release form 2 months attorney making fell like Medicaid is trying to eat up the 25k…And second…I was just enough in a car accident September 10th with the other driver being at fault…I'm not seeking an attorney in this case iv been in touch with the adjuster twice so far….believe me I kno it's a big challenge going against an experienced adjuster…HOWEVER…WITH THE HELP OF YOUR VIDEOS LOADED WITH VALUABLE INFORMATION AND TIPS…I BELIEVE ILL DO WELL…THANKS

  15. Grape Juice76

    My mom fell in a store and broke her back and we can't get a lawyer here in Tx to help her….what do we need to do?

  16. WriteIsRight

    Justin, I really appreciate these videos you make. I'm not in Florida and I am not an attorney, nor do I pretend to be. But somehow I got involved in building evidence for complex cases and cases involving large entities, always for individuals who are being mistreated, international, federal and local. So far, I've won all the cases, but only recently did I take on a PI case. The guy was hit by a drunk and did everything wrong to position himself for compensation. Otherwise, I would've sent him straight to a PI. So anyway, I have special knowledge about special cases of many types, and your videos have been helpful for this ONE and only time I've taken a PI case. Thanks!

  17. Hamdan God is great

    Hay so if I had a case from my first attorney and had it for 1 year and lawsuit has been filled from them and then I decided to to get another law firm does the second attorney will still charge me 40% of the lawsuit even though the first law firm they've filled it already ?

  18. Subhash Chander Duggal

    How to change lawyers?
    How to calculate for charges for old lawyers who was changed as he had spoiled the catastrophic MVA case of an ignorant senior male victim?
    The old lawyer has raised a bill for Huge amount on the victim?
    The lawyer who has taken over the case I'd shocked to look at the charges of the old lawyer.
    Please advice in detail

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