New Lawyer for Ghislaine Maxwell Says She's Being Held in Horrible Conditions

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Ghislaine Maxwell faced a judge in person for the first time Friday as lawyers squabbled over exactly when she should be tried on sex trafficking charges alleging that she procured teenage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse at his posh residences.

Maxwell, a British socialite and one-time girlfriend of Epstein, pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking conspiracy and an additional sex trafficking charge that were added in a rewritten indictment released last month by a Manhattan federal court grand jury. The new indictment stretched the timespan of the charges from three years to a decade.

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Her lawyers maintain they need months of additional preparation because of the new charges, making it impossible to keep a July 12 trial date. Prosecutors have said the new charges should not require substantial additional work because they add a single victim to the three victims already described in the indictment.

The judge didn’t make an immediate decision on a possible new date for the trial, but told lawyers she wants to avoid a long delay.

Maxwell, 59, has been in custody at a federal lockup in Brooklyn since her arrest last July at a $1 million New Hampshire estate where her lawyers say she went to live to avoid the spotlight of media attention and to remain safe from threats. Prosecutors, though, say she took steps to hide her whereabouts and movements.

Maxwell has failed three times to be granted bail despite offering a $28.5 million package and agreeing to live with electronic monitoring and armed guards who would ensure she does not leave a New York City residence. The U.S. citizen also has offered to give up citizenship in the United Kingdom and France. A bail appeal hearing is scheduled next week before the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

In court documents, prosecutors say Maxwell recruited at least three teenage girls, including a 14-year-old, between 1994 and 1997 for Epstein to sexually abuse. The superseding indictment says another teenage girl was recruited in the early 2000s when she was 14. The indictment alleges Maxwell sometimes joined the abuse.

A lawyer for Maxwell requested the in-person arraignment Friday, citing “media coverage” and a “debacle” that occurred during a remote hearing in a related civil case before another judge when members of the public clogged up a line provided by the court for people outside the courthouse to listen to the proceeding.

Epstein took his own life at a Manhattan federal jail in August 2019 while awaiting a sex-trafficking trial.

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  1. that's what JAIL IS! HORRIBLE so dont break the law & traffic minors to a fucking sick PHEDO! She is just as guilty as Jeffy. P.O.S

  2. Her lawyer is complaining about "cameras on them the whole time". None of them were molested or raped while being filmed.

  3. Well at least he didn't blame Trump for it. That's progress I guess? I do wonder if she will call out the names of the elitte who messed with underaged kids. I somehow doubt that too or she may die like her husband.

  4. I agree. Her conditions should shed light on what every single other US prisoner has to go through and maybe that will lead to some kind of prison reform. You cant have a system where guards are encouraging criminal activity, drug use, violence etc and expect people to come out better or changed. A system where it’s normal to get shived in the showers or have napalm water thrown on you. It’s something out of horror stories.

  5. She has it better than anyone else there…….but going from lavish luxury to MDC Brooklyn is a hell of a fall and will have been a huge shock for her

  6. United states is the same as Russia, china and north Korea… That's how they do they're prison inmates no human rights….

  7. How can the united states call china bad, The united states does the same things Chinese government does….

  8. Good, shes being tortured by not being allowed to sleep. Bare minimum I would expect for someone as shitty as her

  9. There are two or three people I do not like in the world, and this guy has no idea how I want to see them treated, lol A camera so she doenst kill herself seems pretty light.

  10. Are the conditions worse than a child or teen being beat and raped? Is she being beat and raped? If not, I think she is o.k.

  11. So many Mossad Bots and shills in the comments, yall going down and YOU KNOW IT.

  12. I've been to a USA jail and prison. Tiny little room with a lawyer is 100 percent normal. Lying lawyer

  13. when you're in a "horrible condition" you don't have a cam & 3 guards to give S*it about you, sounds legit

  14. She's no worse than the many, MANY, clients she help 'serve'… None of which were Trump. Ever. But they're protected now. And probably forever. By our own "MSM"… The same "MSM" that let's Epstein's murder go, unpunished.

  15. You know what I wouldnt wish in my worst enemies? Sex trafficking and rape

  16. She's being treated like the rest of the prison population. Amazing how the rich and privileged find these conditions deplorable for themselves but these same conditions are just fine for everyone else.

  17. Of course she is, it’s called PRISON for a reason. Note how it’s not called a 5-star resort mister attorney.

  18. Remember people…
    Ivana Trump was her best friend.
    They would go find younger children for the pleasure of old, rich men. Lure them with money and everything that could buy. Most of these children were poor and neglected. They knew exactly who to target. It is disgusting what these children had to endure in florida, mara lago, epstien island….all over the world.
    We will never know the true numbers.

  19. She needs to be given comfort so she sings like a lames better protect her.

  20. Mr attorney, imagine if your sister, or daughter was one of the victims, than we can talk about fairness… Show some respect, and keep quiet…

  21. Man, I hope the judge puts her under house arrest at the nearest Four Seasons…I can't imagine the hell she's going through…no bottled water or fresh linens? The horror!

  22. They haven't shown her face in 8 months since she was picked up.

    Already extradited to Israel living with epstein again.

  23. I know it's hard to believe but these people really do have the technology to clone themselves. We have no idea if ghislaine is arrested.

  24. Their so many witness mind you she's a dkye anyway so theirs lots females in prison so she can't be that upset