New Lawyer Gets Suspended From Job For Saying Meghan And Harry's Baby Should Be Named Georgina Flyodina

Demetra Kaye Reports On Lawyer Gets Suspended From Job For Saying Meghan And Harry’s Baby Should Be Named Georgina Flyodina.

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  1. Mendes Edgar

    I don't know why ya'll keep acting like ya'll don't know that all Karen's originated from UK. They created white supremacy!! It was birthed in the UK.
    George Washington is English, Jefferson English, Quincy Adams, English, I can go on and on.
    It was UK that took innocent Africans to today USA to enslave them.
    Always remember that so you can stop separating them from Amerikkka!!

  2. Lady J. Matthews

    I bet the investors for that company voted for her to GET OUT!

  3. Lunatic Harry has been spreading an odious cloud of stink that follows him wherever he goes. He needs to be removed from the line of succession in Prince Andrew´s favour.

  4. That woman should have been named Mr. Ed.

  5. denise griffin

    Speak my sister say what you really want to say.She should have been fired these people always want to apologize after they are called out she meant exactly what she said these WS females are jealous and she probably is lying about having children of color and if she actually does Gaurantee they are not black they use this excuse all the time sick woman to make fun of a baby.

  6. Desmond Clark

    I don’t feel sorry Megan

  7. Glass House99

    Like Bob Marley said! I can feel it in the one drop!!!!

  8. lol…She has children of colour…so did slave owners

  9. just stuck on stupid

  10. AV the GREAT

    B1 DOAS FBA-100$OLID


  12. The suspension is really a vacation like they do the cops in America

  13. shannon Braxton

    She is part owner in the company she has been suspended from?
    That means she is still working. That statement is just a formality.

  14. Gabreya Bradley


  15. Her children of color just have a tan this week 😆

  16. Megan is mixed, not 'black.' The one drop rule has to go. We lose our 'identity' more and more wanting to classify every as 'black' just because they're swirled with a 'black' persons dna.

  17. If you're going to jeopardize your job, at least make your racists "jokes" funny. Oh btw, that child isn't black.

  18. The only joke I heard there was her saying she craves black men to have black children ?

  19. Terry Martin

    Stupid people. They jealous as usual.

  20. Johnson Godwin

    Stay on our LANE black people.

  21. They are still eaten up with jealousy that Meghan snatched Harry out of the eligible bachelor pool. They should have expected that once he started dating her they didn’t stand a chance.

  22. Unbelievable she has a juris doctorate and she’s making stupid comments like this you know she got through law school based on her white privilege

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