New Lawyer: New Phone

Lawyer Pete tries to help his client with modern technology… not his case. More Pete and Crew @

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  1. Emily, you fish.

  2. I like to think hes in prison cus he did something terrible and Petes just fucking with him cus he doesnt want him to get out.

  3. Dot dot dot !!!!

  4. TheOkayestBassist

    THIS is what the Emoji movie should’ve been

  5. TheWateringWiz

    Pete Holmes is a genius

  6. fightinggamefanatic

    WTF Emily?!

  7. Kevin Skinner

    There's a difference between jail and prison. In jail ur lawyer fights for u. Once ur in prison the only thing ur lawyer can do is help appeal ur case.

  8. Its just the worst guy from the whitest kids you know who got a show.

  9. Is that a duck pic lol

  10. So that's when dic picks where invented!

  11. Is he supposed to be funny?

  12. So are we just not gonna ask how tf he stuck the paper to the glass

  13. Liam Kalamaros

    This one is the best, I died

  14. That Trucker

    Wtf is that?!? Wtf is that?!? 🍆

  15. Patrick Lawler

    The immersion is ruined! He heard him without the phone!

  16. Emiliyan Yankov

    1:50 "for Pete's sake" meta joke opportunity was right there…

  17. Ragesh Rathanam


  18. He better hope the matt doesn't get out of prison, then he's f*#ked

  19. Jason Krantz


  20. dick pic = fine

  21. "Boohoo I'm in prison boohoo I'm a cat!"

  22. I heard "you started typing you fish"

  23. Its not icecream 🤣🤣

  24. Not having cable for over 10 years, I missed a few shows and a little regretful that I missed Pete Holmes.

  25. BLVGaming / Y1000

    Lol imagine if he was just trying to entertain him because he knows he can't do anything about it

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