New Lawyer Reacting to "The Law You Won't Be Told."

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“The Law You Won’t Be Told” is a famous video about jury nullification. In today’s video, I am reacting to said video….GO TO JURY DUTY PEOPLE IT IS IMPORTANT.

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This is the personal video blog of personal injury lawyer Tommy John Kherkher.

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  1. If you had been one of my professors in law school, I probably wouldn't have quit.

  2. Would love to hear an example of how soneone would go about using this in iowa we dont have a self defense law and just with in the last few years just got a stand your ground law but my beliefs for the most part aka (could be changed depending on the evidence) is that if someone gets attacked/house broken into for no reason/unprovoked i feel they should have every right to defend themselves in any manner they see fit

  3. Another fun fact: you dont have to do jury if you dont want to. Just bitch the whole time and the courts will let you go.

  4. My nana was on jury duty once for a guy who sold meth or something to kids. And half way through one of the guys in the jury said that he believes that only god can choose if someone is guilty or not. They had to postpone the whole case and get a new jury.

  5. Fuck jury duty though. Day 1-3 I was down to serve. Day 4 and 5, the lawyers being too picky and sitting on those hard ass benches for 8 hours made me say fuck it. I got out. Work faster lawyers. Or call us in batches instead of all at once.

  6. "I don't make up the facts, I simply arrange them in the most convenient way "

  7. Your voice gets a bit too emotional and cracks a bit, I personally dislike this, I assume you talk differently in your cases, could we ever hear your “lawyering” voice at some point?

  8. I finally subscribed I feel like you’ve been in my feed for a long time now.

  9. Why do people hate jury duty? Like yeah its not getting paid as much as your normal job but come on. Your job can't fire you for doing it.

  10. You have a smart voice that says things that sound smart to me because I'm not the smartest and I know nothing about what is being talked about so I just have to kinda roll with what is being said

  11. Legitimate thought. I thought this was well known at this point. I remember it was a huge topic during and after the OJ trial as well as several police involved shootings.

    Because there is no technical right or wrong decision it's basically a jury going against the popular sentiment.

  12. This is kind of funny because we're actually posting a video TOMORROW on How to Avoid Jury Duty.

  13. 3:03

    And this is you, Mr. Tom the Lawyer? So you’re not a stranger to looking at somebody’s property and thinking you should steal it? Hell, he even lets it be known in this video that he should steal your honor!!!!

  14. I pray every day that I never get jury duty, but if I ever do, I'll sure as hell be going, cause fuck letting a Karen take a spot that I could have otherwise filled

  15. As soon as i turned 18, i was summoned for jury duty and it took an even shorter amount of time for the prosecution to dismiss me than it took to notify me of it. I was relieved, since i really do not like to be a part of the jury that may or may not have sent an innocent person to prison.

  16. Let’s say someone is being charged with illegal possession of a “machine gun” and the case is somewhere in a small county in the south. Most people I know see nothing wrong with possession of an automatic weapon as long as there was no ill intent with that weapon. I personally would be completely against the charge even if there was clear and precise evidence that he was in possession of it. I just couldn’t charge someone because I’m a full believer in the 2nd amendment and believe that the law is unconstitutional. With my belief of it being unconstitutional make me a “bad fit” or would that go into a whole different case because of the law being unconstitutional? (Because it truly is)

  17. In New York we have appellate discretion in civil matters to reduce or increase awards to a "sustainable value". A matter can be appealed on the reasonableness of non-economic damages. This takes some of the jury risk out of defense cases.

  18. True story I got picked on my first jury summons. Convicted a woman of first degree murder and sentenced her to 15yrs without the chance of parole.

    I was 19

    Edit: to what Tom was saying we didn’t get come tot he agreement of death or life without Parole because of one woman that didn’t believe in them.

    She was the same age demo, same race, and same gender. Her bias superseded justice.

  19. Iv been called once but I knew the defendant so I didn't serve. I live in a small town so they had to take the case to a different county cus everyone knew the guy and everyone knew he was guilty

  20. Im 26, i already have an okay job but this guy makes me want to go back to school to be a lawyer.

  21. Interesting how not believing in the death penalty could be grounds for nullification. I'm not from the US but I really like the jury system and advocate it for my country.
    So I'd like to ask, if someone like me, who opposes the death penalty, and when ask your question I answer, I'd discourage the death penalty among my peers but will deliver and honest verdict of guilty or not guilty based on the evidence, i.e. I'd l first determine guilty/not guilty first before aguing for what sentence I deem appropriate. Would I be dismissed for nullification?

  22. I remember reading about some guy who was arrested and convicted for "jury tampering" because he was on a street corner handing out pamphlets on jury nullification to passing citizens. Based on what I read at the time, there was no jury empaneled. It was just a show of power.

    And toward the end of the video, where you talk about the types of questions you ask, you are really presenting the case for "why bother?" At its heart, a jury trial helps prevent having one's rights trampled by an unjust government. A jury is supposed to be able to decide that a law is unjust. If the purpose of your questioning is to weed all of that out, there is no point left to having a jury at all.

    "All we want is a level playing field."

    Bull. You want a tilted playing field. You don't want someone to be able to say "you know what? this law is nuts." But on a level playing field, jurors can say exactly that. For the playing field to be level, the law must always be on trial too.

  23. I love these longer vids. You are interesting and intelligent. I learn something every time

  24. So if Mayella Ewell went to court for perjury, could she use jury nullification?

  25. Very cool and respectful way to react to a video. You actually added to the original video (which I have already seen) and gave me more to think about than the original. If all reaction videos were like this one I wouldn’t have a problem with them.

  26. How do you know Karen will be at jury duty you may ask? Because Karen doesn’t have a job!

  27. Nah man, people have been arrested for handing out leaflets about jury nullification on the steps of a courthouse before, I believe they tried to charge them with jury tampering or something like that, that's probably what he is talking about.

  28. I really wish you were my lawyer when I tried to kill myself at work. I was so incredibly stressed over worked under compensated. I grabbed a box cutter and started slicing my wrists. Shortly after I was terminated. And I still have depression and anxiety took me 3 years to kinda put myself back. My self worth was so low and this company I worked for is very well known. Very well loved.

  29. The criminal justice system is inherently unfair. If you're the richer party, you can afford more attorneys and legal strategies, threaten to draw out the case, etc. In many aspects, it's pay-to-win.

    Jury nullification is is just a people's check on the justice system. The whole reason we have the option to be judged by a "jury of our peers" is because we don't trust the judge to make the right decision. They must obey the law, for instance mandatory minimums. Not only should juries be told they have the option to nullify, but lawyers should pursue such a verdict when appropriate.

    If someone is convicted when they clearly shouldn't have been, then obviously the judge should step in and rule a mistrial or support an appeal or whatever. But I don't think this happens very often except in like to-kill-a-mockingbird type cases, and there's no reason to suspect a local judge would rule any differently.

    But for the most part, when the criminal laws are so far out-of-whack from what they should be, nullification is the only option. If you compare our american criminal laws (for individuals not corporations) to criminal laws in more civilized countries, it's clear criminal law hasn't been designed for any noble cause or "rehabilitation" or anything like that. Criminal law was designed to create a cheap lower-class labor force for exploitation and as a way of extracting money from states and individuals.

    For civil law it's a lot more murky whether nullification is good or bad. Since it's inherently about compensation, nullification cuts both ways. However, civil law is still inherently unfair due to parties with deeper pockets.

  30. It is too rich for a lawyer to lecture the rest of us about jury duty—when lawyers never serve on juries.