New LAWYER REACTS To James Charles Legal Drama

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Grab your wine and let’s discuss the threatened lawsuits, what exactly wind down means & all of the legal drama surrounding James Charles.

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  1. Honestly I thought this man was the classiest, but this drama is unfortunate for him. He’s definitely sus.

  2. If he wanted to be so “accountable” he’d be in jail
    Leave children alone

  3. I had an silver earring just like yours (only is was smaller) when I was a teen… I think I lost it… Good memories…

  4. If James Charles had a proper support system and not "yes men", none of this will be reality. Anyways, you are stunning!

  5. In 2016-2017 I used to do security in Downtown LA at the Lofts where he lived called SB MAIN on Broadway and Main. I worked at the front desk and I had to give him his mail, packages and check in his guests and one day I caught him trying to sneak a 13 year old boy upstairs into one of his Lofts and I stopped him.

  6. Let’s talk about how good she looooook!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  7. And while we're talking about creators that LOOK a certain way, let's talk about how PewDiePie is literally a cr*pt*n*zi, and how he's been instrumental in the spread of alt right ideology on Youtube, but my dad has faced NO consequences.

    Youtube rly is the land of couthless and the ruthless.

    (Also, Muvah Algo is at it again, sis!! I've already had one of my comments deleted!!)

  8. If YouTube was to implement a proper HR department for content creators those poor employees would never get to go home! They only care about profit until there's scandal.

  9. It's wild as fuck that you can't say the word p*d*ph*le on your channel (can't even type it in the comments, less Muvah Algo puts your ass in timeout; I legit had a month where I couldn't post ANYTHING without censoring the fuck out of every other word), but they're perfectly fine with making money off one. Shane had been getting called out for YEARS by Black creators, but it was only after some white woman cried about how he and Skeletor's gay cousin ~manipulated~ her and the blowback from the Bye Sister scandal when his shit got demonetized.

    Think about that.

    Shane has been on Youtube since 2008, y'all. He has, at minimum, at least five years of content where he was catering to the lowest of the low demographic. It took a white woman, crying about how she was used (by known abusers), and a white boy getting wrong accused of being a p*d*ph*le (accusing someone of something without proof is a wrongful accusation, and until those two come out with the proof that they claim they have, you will not find me rooting for them) to get Youtube to finally take action. Meanwhile, creators of color and LGBT creators have been having their shit demonitized, despite adhering to Youtube's guidelines to the T. Youtube decided that an LGBT Mexican creator being harassed by an alt right loser and his minions wasn't breaking community guidelines. The line goes on. The people who run this platform are fucking wild.

  10. Unfortunately James didn’t take Tati’s advice a year ago. He could also learn another lesson from her which is to shut up and let the lawyers handle it!

  11. Big up queen! Lahd dis ya brudda is a WHOLE mess…..TRUSS me, the whole career of this RAAS pickney is a problem. Mi CYANNH tek im…..the whole personality is shady…..

  12. I agree with you. YouTube is going to lay low, not do anything and then in a few months time voila, he'll be back. The time went so quickly. Great episode as per usual.

  13. So you just gonna hop up on here and NOT mention where we can purchase such a gorgeous top!! You are serving looks hon xo

  14. Had to watch while I work because I could not wait a moment longer. Thank you for all you do!